Meeting Minutes – October 30, 2007


Present: Jeff Landis, Robert O’Brien, Evelyn Klein, Dawn Wanner, Anna Allen, Dr. Joseph Cicala (guest)

Dr. Cicala joined this meeting of the Student Press Committee and is hoping to attend the alternative meeting date as well, in order to hear the entire Committee’s rationale for the changes which appear in the Student Media Committee proposal submitted for his and the Student Affairs Committee review and approval.

From today’s meeting several suggestions for additional and future work include:

  1. Encouraging the current members of the Student Press Committee to become familiar with the other media that are proposed to have membership on the revised committee (Dr. Cicala).
  2. Be certain that all student members of media groups understand the educational and supportive nature of post-publication reviews (Evelyn Klein.)
  3. Consider a thematic integration of media. Encourage brainstorming sessions among the organizations and sharing of resources and tools (i.e. a shared photo database) (Bob O’Brien).
  4. Investigate integrating coursework and credit to some of the more intense media positions to encourage student participation (Evelyn Klein).
  5. Consider public relations campaigns for student media groups (Bob O’Brien).

Dr. Cicala urged the Committee to consider the following:

  1. Reinstate the Committee’s need to approve the editor-in-chief of The Collegian and its advisor, and WEXP General Manager and Advisor, in direct response to the charge laid out in the Student Guide to Resources, Rights and Responsibilities, which charges the University, as publisher to “delegate editorial responsibility.” In addition, La Salle has the responsibility to provide written policies and standards to student media groups, including the limitations of external controls.
  2. Define how a student media group is actually defined, and build an explicit statement into the proposal that allows for emerging media beyond the ones listed at a specific point in time.
  3. Encourage the Committee to consider student representation from La Salle 56, with specific attention to the selection of these students, since there are no organizational student leader roles.

This information will be shared through the portal group and the work of the committee will move forward at the next segmented meeting. All are invited to share their views at the next meeting, or through the portal group.

Submitted by:
Anna Melnyk Allen
Associate Dean of Students

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