Meeting Minutes – November 2, 2007

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Nicole Pellegrino, Ryan Holmes, Karen Kostelny, Suzanne Earnest

The meeting started discussing what changes could be made to get more students to participate in Explorer Games

FYO tie in

  • Groups could be created based on FYO classes to allow students to interact with people from other buildings
  • Attendance at games could be included in FYO grading system
  • Provost would have to agree to this and to getting faculty involved
  • Games could be changed into a scavenger hunt of Philadelphia with participation of FYO staff
    • If this were to be done, Opening Weekend would have to be included in the FYO contract
  • Team Leaders would still be used to assist faculty or step in if faculty were not available
  • Transfer Students would have to be required to do similar process if they were going to be included

If we keep current Explorer Games set up what needs to change?

  • Student feedback – Basketball is boring
  • Kickball and Frisbee were popular when included but it is too hot outside
  • Students who don’t like sports drop off at sports events and students who don’t like non sport competition leave at other events
  • Team Leaders were a problem and hiring process needs to change
  • RAs were not told that they would have to participate and they need to be notified much earlier that it is required of them

January Students

  • Need to have an event that will not intimidate students the way breakfast has in the past
  • Last year offered the program to 25 students, 3 came to lunch
  • Possibly offer tours and have host student take them to lunch with administrators
  • Host students can meet the student at a comfortable location and take them to the central event
  • Draw their attention to the event by including information in the housing packet and also tying it in to when they receive their ID
    • Ask Frank about new student ID process
  • CD will get cell phone list of January students from Karen and student workers will call cell phones to try to capture the new students
  • Stir fry event will take place again this year
    • Possibly move event to Tuesday with a longer free period or Sunday when students have no activities
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