Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2007

Present— Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Frazier, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti.

Excused— Mary Dorr

Review of Oct 18 Minutes:

  1. Approved with corrected spelling of Jay Boney’s name.
  2. All Explore U minutes are available on the Division of Student Affairs TBA~E site.

Evaluation of Explore U Pilot:

  1. Questions regarding the Explore U program were added to the annual Freshmen Advising questionnaire administered by Learning Support Services
  2. The survey will be distributed to all FYO faculty by the end of November; Career Services staff will assist in the distribution and collection of the survey
  3. Results will be compiled and summarized by Mike Roszkowski

Explore Your Possibilities stage discussion

  1. The sophomore checklist of essentials and enrichments was reviewed
  2. Several additions and changes were made:
    1. Added: “Complete further assessments if undecided.”; “Identify and” meet your advisor.; (re: Career Expo) …”for potential networking and information gathering.”
    2. Changed: Attend to Participate – to encourage active student involvement
  3. The group discussed the idea of a “passport” version of the checklist on which students could track their involvement in this stage and be eligible for prizes/incentives given at the end of the semester, year, or at graduation.
  4. It was suggested that we consider sending a letter to parents as a way of introducing Explore U to parents and asking them to encourage their sophomores to participate in this stage.

Remaining Agenda Items

Other items on the agenda will be discussed at a future meeting.

Next meeting – November 15, 2007 @ 3:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by Lou Lamorte, Director of Career Services Center

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