Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2007

Present– Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Frasier, Kathi McNichul, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti,
Absent— Jay Boney, Mary Dorr

  • Review Stage 2: Explore your Possibilities:[suggestion was made to use ‘stages’ rather than academic year (i.e. sophomore) to reflect that students may move through the model at different rates and also may come into the model ( i.e. transfer students) at various points that are not necessarily related to their academic status.]
    • Edits identified in the November 8th meeting minutes were incorporated.
    • “Register for eXplorenet” was added to the list of essentials.
    • Discussion ensued about whether to keep the terms ‘essentials’ and ‘enrichments’. It was expressed that many of the enrichments should be thought of as essentials and that by labeling these action steps ‘enrichments’, it could give the impression that they weren’t necessary.
      • By the end of the discussion, there was unanimous support to list ‘action steps’ for each stage of the model but not delineate ‘essentials’ from ‘enrichments’.
    • After freshman year, tasks will not be divided by semester.
    • Tasks will be listed in an order that more closely resembles when they should be accomplished in relationship to each other.
  • Explore U passport
    • Lou introduced a ‘passport’ that could be used to help students keep track of the steps they have completed in the model. This was met with much positive feedback.
    • It was then discussed how a student’s information could be backed up in case they were to lose her or his passport.
    • Logistics still need to be worked out, but all were in support of moving forward with this idea.
    • It was also discussed that connecting the passport to some type of ‘planner’ might attract more attention. Genevieve, Phenix and Lou all have samples of planners that they have seen work in other situations that they will bring to the next meeting to show the group.
    • Phenix suggested that maybe Explore U and Advising could work together on the ‘planner’ idea. Several group members suggested including information about key academic dates in the planner that would accompany the Explore U passport.
  • Develop Checklist for Stage 3: Explore through Experience
    • Mike Bachman presented a first draft for the tasks that should be accomplished during this stage of the model.
    • Suggestions were made to build upon this initial draft; Genevieve will take the suggestions and come up with an edited version for the group’s feedback
    • The main tasks of this stage center on the student gathering experience through internships, volunteer experience, research, jobs, student organizations, community service, etc.
    • It was suggested that Explore U team communicate with the Experiential Education Planning Action Committee as we develop this stage. For example, the suggestion was made that academic departments designate an Experiential Education Coordinator who would be a point person within the department who could work with Career Services to assist the student in this area.
  • Future steps and time frame
    • Next meetings for this semester will focus on identifying tasks that should be accomplished during Stage 4 (Explore the Paths to Your Future). At that point, all four stages of the model will be complete. (Stage 5: Explore Always – will be worked on after plans for the first 4 stages are concrete).
    • During Spring semester, the Explore U team will have 2 goals.
      • Reviewing the assessment results from the pilot study and identify the following:
        • what worked vs. what did not
        • what needs to be changed to reflect #1.
        • how to convert the model that was used in the pilot to one that will work for all freshmen beginning Fall 2008.
      • Discuss implementation strategies for the subsequent stages with the goal of involving sophomores in Stage 2 of the model beginning Fall 2008.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 29th at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lane Neubauer Ph.D.

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