Meeting Minutes – November 16, 2007

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Nicole Pellegrino, Ryan Holmes, Br. John Kane, Suzanne Boyll, Father Jim Dever, Phenix Frazier

Determine what to do for January Transfer Students

  • Repeat last year’s event
  • Continue phone call list to remind transfers about event
  • Struggle with getting to the students prior to the first day as many times it is not “official” that they are students until very last minute
  • Students will meet a host at a location to make attending luncheon less intimidating
    • Possibly use RA’s as host
    • This will be a discussion for the RC’s
  • Karen was going to follow up with Frank to find out when transfer students receive their ID card
  • Day One hosts will be available to provide tours over break and can also give tours to commuter students


  • All dates will take place prior to July 4th even if additional day needs to be added
    • Think about any anticipated problems from the earlier dates
  • Facilities for Day ONE
    • Chapel worked great and will be used again this year
    • Largest complaint from families is temperature control
    • Please think about any possible changes that would affect what facilities are used
  • Need to reach out to faculty to find out what testing they plan on having at Day ONE
    • Computers/Math/Writing?
  • How to integrate West Campus into the day?
    • Look into offering optional end of day tours of South and West Campus
      • Reach out to Nursing and Communications to get approval for tours
  • Timing of Presentations
    • Do we need to give families more time to get from one place to another?
    • How to control presenters who go over on time?
      • Hosts to serve as time keeper
    • Possibly not move families but change presenters
    • Break up sessions between commuter and resident to have two at once
      • Presentation could become more specific this way

Opening Weekend – Saturday

  • Can be taken in two directions
    • City adventure
      • Student’s must be interacting not just observing/viewing together
      • Concerns that the day could get out of hand
      • Who will supervisor/take responsibility for each group
      • Possibly attach to FYO class
    • Improve current model
      • Through RA’s get feedback from residents
      • Try freshman focus groups to ask likes/dislikes
      • Nicole will try to get analysis from survey results for next meeting
  • Team Leader Recruitment
    • Last year went to the Point and asked for nominations and required assistance of RAs
    • RA’s felt they were not informed soon enough of responsibilities and did not buy into the program, leaving many teams with only one leader
    • Try to determine what the day could look like before starting recruitment
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