Meeting Minutes – November 26, 2007

Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Andrea Young, Emma Petrucci, Scott Baietti, Meggin Forti, John Williamson, Greer Richardson,
Absent: Michael Purvis, John Michel, Abby Hamilton

  1. We discussed the recommended changes to the University alcohol policy that were completed by the CDAB last year and specifically the three remaining questions for consideration that we identified for further discussion at the last meeting:
    • When should SDRs notify live-in staff of alcohol sign-in irregularities?
      • We agreed to recommend that the alcohol sign-in process should be monitored and that procedures regarding notification of live-in staff regarding excessive quantities of alcohol being signed-in should be addressed after we observe the updated policy in action.
    • Should students be allowed to sign alcohol into a complex where they do not reside?
      • It was agreed that the Alcohol Policy should be written so that alcoholic beverages may only be signed into complexes by residents of legal age that resident in that complex. Guests wishing to bring beverages in should contact the host to sign in the alcohol.
    • Should we prohibit possession of empty containers of alcohol in the residential units of those under the legal age to consume alcohol?
      • There were 5 board members in favor and 2 opposed to the proposal (chairs abstained) that empty containers should be prohibited in living units where all occupants are not of legal drinking age. It was recommended that the sanction for this violation be less severe than “minor in the presence of alcohol”, possibly a Conduct Warning on the first offense or a letter stating that a repeat offense will result in disciplinary action.

    A summary of all recommended changes will be presented for confirmation and final discussion at the next CDAB Meeting.

  2. Jeff solicited feedback on the Allied Barton staffing of the North Halls Security Reception Desk. None of the board members had a comment at this time, but they are encouraged to bring comments forward to future board meetings or the chairs.
  3. We discussed the Housing Selection Process and Residential Learning Communities proposals. It is expected that both of these issues will be the primary focus of the December Meeting.
  4. Please bring Spring Semester schedules to the December Meeting so we are able to set the meetings for the Spring semester.
  5. The next CDAB meeting will be Monday, December 10, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. in Union #310.
  6. Note from the Chairs, It was brought to our attention that Abby Hamilton had not been informed about the CDAB meetings and that was why she was not in attendance. The Chairs apologize for this omission.
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