Meeting Minutes – November 27, 2007

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair) Dan Bucher, Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro, Matt Doyle, Pete Engeland, Mindy Massaro, Dr. Lane Neubauer, Nathan Slife, Celeste Wade, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Ryan Yarcia.
Absent: Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon.
Guest: Crystal Faries, Kate Ward-Gaus.

  1. Ms. Massaro led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  2. We continued our discussion of sexual misconduct policies and procedures, and began what will be ongoing discussion and leadership of related educational efforts. Crystal Faries, co-coordinator of our student organization Sexual Assault and Violence Ends (SAVE), joined us for today’s meeting and will continue as a guest throughout the duration of our work on these matters. (Representatives of the external organization Women Against Abuse also are reading our policies and procedures and are tentatively scheduled to join us at our January 29 meeting.) Ms. Faries voiced support for our previously-reached consensus that our policies and procedures are appropriate and clear, and for the three directions for continuing improvement that we developed at our October 30 meeting (see below). Our discussion then centered on developing preliminary action plans for each, as follows.
    1. Consider ensuring each year that at least one formally-identified reporting authority is a woman.
      Dr. Cicala will draft a proposal to achieve this goal.
    2. Consider the development of more user-friendly materials to complement the mostly formally/institutionally written materials we now have.
      Dr. Catanzaro, Ms. Massaro, and Ms. Wade volunteered to work together on this project. Dr. Neubauer and Ms. Ward-Gaus will contribute materials from their resources.
    3. Consider the development of additional and more intensive/intentional education and prevention efforts.
      Discussion led us to conclude that three strategically-placed weeks of active educational efforts, complemented and supplemented by related passive efforts throughout the year, would be a good start. Our initial focuses will be on Opening Week, Mid-February (Healthy Relationships Week), and Mid-April (built around the annual “Take Back the Night” events), expanding upon foundations that already have been developed. Dr. Cicala will engage Division of Student Affairs staff in consideration and development of Opening Week plans; Ms. Ward-Gaus and Mr. Slife will lead collaboration between Peer Educators and residential Community Development staff on Healthy Relationships Week (under that or another title); and Ms. Faries and Dr. Cicala will seek the association of the Point organizations in a multi-faceted, week-long expansion of “Take Back the Night.”
  3. We began our discussion of guidelines for staff and faculty who serve as advisors to registered student organizations. Dr. Cicala offered a brief summary of the consideration of such guidelines that has been attempted over approximately the past two years, and of the invitations extended to advisors to participate in the development of the guidelines. He noted, as well, that one of the steps should have been to involve our committee in the process, an omission for which he takes responsibility and which is being corrected as of today’s meeting. Dr. Cicala distributed copies of Senior Associate Dean of Students Alan Wendell’s November 6 email to registered student organization presidents and advisors; the version of the Advisor Agreement that accompanied it; Dr. Cicala’s follow-up email to the same individuals; and a copy of the article “Faculty Adviser (sic), Beware: You May Be Liable” by Nancy Tribbensee from the June 25, 2004 Chronicle of Higher Education. Members were asked to review the materials; to offer questions, comments, and suggestions via email or phone between now and our January 29 meeting; and to prepare for extended discussion at that meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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