Meeting Minutes – November 30, 2007

In attendance: Alan Wendell, Carulyn Lemongelli, Ryan Hulmes, Erin McHugh, Anna Allen, Nicule Pellegrino, Suzanne Boyll, Phenix Frazier, Br. John Kane, Fr. Jim Dever, Karen Kostelny, Suzanne Earnest

January New Student Welcome

  • DSA staff will prepare stir fry for new students on Tuesday, January 15, 2008, from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. in the Music Room.
  • We will ask former Day ONE hosts to meet students in the Union lobby and accompany them to the Music Room and have lunch with them.
  • Hosts will be available for tours if new students are interested.
  • In addition to the mailing to new students, student workers in Community Development will contact the students during winter break to answer any questions they may have and to remind them about the luncheon.
  • We will prepare invitations to the luncheon rather than just incorporating the information in the welcome letter.
  • We will also give invitations to the Assistant Academic Deans and Admissions Transfer Counselors so that they can also share the information when they meet with the students.

Day ONE 2008

  • We must improve the timing of the family sessions in the morning and find a way to keep the families moving from session to session in a timely manner in the afternoon.
  • Ready, Set, Let’s Go and the Residential/Commuter presentations must become more seamless.
  • On commuter days, there will be separate Ready, Set, Let’s Go presentations for resident and commuter families. This will enable the presenters to tailor the presentation for the audience and eliminate the loss of time in moving the commuter families from one location to another.
  • Presenters of Ready, Set, Let’s Go and Residential/Commuter presentations should observe the opposite group’s presentations to become familiar with what is covered and what types of questions are asked.
  • We discussed ways to give students and families a glimpse of South Campus and West Campus, as there is no time during the course of the day to actually show them those areas. Some ideas included:
    • Artist renderings of the new buildings could be placed in the Union lobby.
    • Include a well-done video clip in the closing video, possibly narrated by a popular alumnus, such John Ogden.
    • Reach out to University Advancement and Communication Department for assistance in promoting these areas.
    • Add a preview of the expansion to DDP.
    • Incorporate tours of South and West Campuses in Opening Weekend schedule.
  • Invite Admissions’ and Financial Services’ staff to mingle with the families during the morning breakfast, as they may be familiar faces to the new students and families
  • We discussed Team members perceptions of last year’s changes to Day ONE on Ones.
    • Some felt the changes made the interaction more like an interview than a conversation.
    • What is the purpose of One on Ones?
      • Information gathering?
      • Conversation?
      • Both/other?

      A written common definition of this must to be available to inform NSET for all future dialogues.

    • Once that clear definition is held, we must review all objective feedback available on the impact of the one-on-one experience for students to see if they are successfully accomplishing those goals?
    • If staff members are expected to form a continuing relationship with students, there is a need for more interviewers because many DSA staff met with over 50 new students and that becomes prohibitive for nurturing relationships. What is the optimal ratio students/One-on-one facilitator?
    • Students complete a survey that was developed by the Freshmen advising group during the academic presentation in the morning. How might there be synergy between that request for information and information requested in Day One-on-Ones?
    • How might the University most effectively combine information gathered in Day One-on-Ones, academic advising, through the portal and from Admissions processes to inform staff to better do their jobs and support students?
    • How can we determine the best means for gathering the information that various constituencies value?
    • Phenix will post a copy of the survey conducted during the Academic Advising process for NSET information.
    • Carulyn will place a copy of the Day One-on-One questions on the NSET group.
    • Fr. Jim, Br. John, Phenix, Nicule, Erin and potentially Br. Ed Koronkiewicz will meet to review the current survey and One on One questionnaire to see what can be combined in an effort to eliminate redundancy.Fullowing the meeting, Alan reflected on the dialogue and identified that prior to this group gathering, there should be consultation with Dr. Cicala who authored the changes this year and seek direction for acting on the Team’s discussion. Alan is asking the group to huld on meeting until that may be accomplished.
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