Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2007

In attendance: Ryan C. Holmes, Marjorie Allen, Mark Badstubner, Arthur Grover, Louise Giugliano, Bonnie Zetick

Covered Background of Community Building Initiative

    • Discussed components of the Community Building Program
        • Leadership and Global Understanding/Neighbors Partnership
        • FYO Meet OUR Neighbors Program
        • Neighbor to Neighbor Program
        • Community Building Team

Gave Overview of Off-Campus Community Standards

    • Discussed what was in place before this year (Good Neighbor Policy for Off-Campus residents, etc.)
    • Highlighted the additions to the Serious Misconduct/Off-Campus Behavior components

Possible Goals for the CBT

    • Create ways in which the adjacent community and University can better work together.
    • Introduce methods in which Off-Campus Standards can be broadcast to faculty.
    • Identify components of the perceived “Golden Age” between La Salle and community partners; construct initiatives to bring components to fruition.
    • Create a policy highlighting ways in which community partners can interact with the physical campus.

The next meeting of the Community Building Team will be held on Monday, December 10, 2007, at 4:30 p.m. in Union 312. We will be joined by Dr. Joseph J. Cicala who will be discussing Licenses and Inspections reporting and the University’s role.

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