Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2007

Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Andrea Young, Abby Hamilton Scott Baietti, John Williamson, Greer Richardson, Michael Purvis
Absent: John Michel, Emma Petrucci, Meggin Forti, Amber Mullen,

  1. We discussed meeting times for next semester and agreed to meet bi-weekly at 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays, beginning on January 24, 2008. Jeff will arrange for the meeting room.
  2. We requested feedback on the perceived service levels of the Allied Barton staff at the North Halls Security Reception Desk. One comment was that uniforms appear to be inconsistent. Jeff was going to inquire further.
  3. We agreed that there is a need to evaluate the prohibited items list in the Residential Community Standards. There should be overall evaluation, but one concern was that there is no prohibition for live/fresh-cut Christmas Trees and there was consensus that they could present a safety hazard.
  4. We discussed the option of adding Frequently Asked Questions to the web site regarding policies.
  5. Jeff reported that demolition is set to begin in the St. Bernard Hall lounge on December 14, 2007.
  6. Trash removal/collection in St. Miguel is resulting in continuous littering of lawns in front of E-Block. There was also a request for an update on recycling in residential facilities. Jeff will investigate and bring an update to the next CDAB meeting.
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