Meeting Minutes – January 25, 2008

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Nicole Pellegrino, Br. John Kane, Suzanne Boyll, Father Jim Dever, Erin McHugh, Anna Allen, Phenix Frazier, Karen Kostelny, Suzanne Earnest, Nancy Jones, Ryan Holmes

Guest: Vice President for Enrollment Services John Dolan

New Student Welcome

  • There were 41 transfer students total, 10 students said they would attend, 2 with guests, 6 actually attended
  • Event was held on second day of classes instead of first
    • Best attendance in years
    • Student greeting in lobby helped, as well as the relaxed atmosphere
    • Invitation made event stand out to new students
    • The students who came were engaged and vocal

Day ONE-on-Ones

  • Father Jim will organize a group to meet with Dr. Cicala to give feedback on past one-on-one sessions to help when Dr. Cicala reviews and revises the plans for this year’s One-on-One sessions
  • Another group will coordinate to organize all the information gathered on new students
    • Admissions, Day One, Academic Advising
    • This information could be used to preprint sheets for students with their information
  • Locations for One-on-Ones
    • Spaces in the Union are not great
    • Wherever they take place, there should be a person managing the flow of students from one room to another
    • Library is the most popular option, but travel time must be taken into consideration
    • Possibly use the library for more than one session to make up for travel time
    • Counseling Center does not allow for the “wow” factor
    • Dunleavy – air conditioning is an issue

Enrollment Services/New Student Programs

  • How do these relate? How can they work better together?
    • Get messages out to students about Day One in March/April/May, but keep them fresh
    • Have Admissions/Enrollment staff available at beginning of Day One to show familiar faces
    • Coordinate when students should receive what information
      • Try to lessen amount of information given to students at Day One by providing some in advance through mailings
  • What information can be shared between the two departments?
    • Day One group can reach out to Admissions counselors when they see a concern in a new student
  • Develop a theme so that everyone is giving the same message to students from Admissions through Opening Weekend
  • Use information from Admissions for ONE-on-Ones, e.g. hometown, activities
  • At the February 22 meeting, Enrollment Services will show the Open House presentation to the team to find ways to coordinate messages given by both groups.

Day One and Opening Weekend Changes

  • Reading needs to change. Try to assign a book so it seems like a more serious assignment than 3 pages.
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