Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair) Dan Bucher, Matt Doyle, Pete Engeland, Dr. Lane Neubauer, Pat Terranova, Celeste Wade, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Ryan Yarcia.

Absent: Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro, Mindy Massaro, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Nathan Slife.

Guests: Crystal Faries, Azucena Ugarte, Kate Ward-Gaus.

  • Mr. Yarcia led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  • We welcomed our new member, Freshman Students’ Government Association (SGA) Senator Mr. Terranova, and our new guest, Ms. Ugarte, Education and Training Coordinator for Women Against Abuse. Ms. Ugarte will begin her review of our policies, procedures, and publications, in response to the invitation we extended to Women Against Abuse, after today’s meeting.
  • Dr. Cicala indicated that he and Senior Associate Dean of Students Alan Wendell are at work on a plan to rekindle and bring to fruition community discussion of revised guidelines and expectations for faculty and staff who serve as advisors to registered student organizations. The plan will actively involve our committee.
  • Mr. Terranova briefed us on two matters that were raised during discussion about committee work at the recent annual SGA retreat, which the student members would like to discuss in our committee: plans for the former tea house (location and functions) and the condition of the internal roadway leading from center to south campuses. Dr. Cicala indicated that, with respect to the former, the Provost presently is awaiting word from Urasenke, the New York-based organization with which La Salle originally collaborated on the tea house, in follow-up to his late fall meeting with the organization. Dr. Cicala will invite the Provost to consider discussing plans with our committee after his discussions with Urasenke are completed. With respect to the latter, Dr. Cicala will invite Physical Facilities and/or Security and Safety staff members to discuss concerns and recommendations with our committee.
  • We continued our discussion of sexual misconduct policies and procedures, with emphasis on the action plans to which we agreed at our November meeting, each of which is reprinted below, with subsequent work described after each.
    • Consider ensuring each year that at least one formally-identified reporting authority is a woman.
      Dr. Cicala is drafting a proposal to achieve this goal. The committee responded favorably to his oral summary of the plan, which centers on the identification of one of the woman members of the Division of Student Affairs senior Leadership Team as an additional reporting authority for any academic year in which none of the four currently-identified reporting authorities (Dean of Students, Senior Associate Dean of Students, Director of Community Standards and Support, Director of Security & Safety) is a woman.
    • Consider the development of more user-friendly materials to complement the mostly formally/institutionally written materials we now have.
      Ms. Wade summarized the work she, Ms. Massaro, and Dr. Catanzaro have done to date. Their recommendations center on the creation of more comforting and plainly informative materials. Dr. Cicala requested a written summary of the recommendations for our committee to review, along with the preparation of samples of new materials that might realize the highest priorities among their recommendations.
    • Consider the development of additional and more intensive/intentional education and prevention efforts, i.e., three strategically-placed weeks of active educational efforts, complemented and supplemented by related passive efforts throughout the year.
      Dr. Cicala is asking the Division of Student Affairs’ New Student Experiences Team to develop Opening Week plans for fall, 2008 implementation.

      Ms. Ward-Gaus shared with us the tentative calendar of nine events that are scheduled to make up Healthy Relationships Week, February 8-15, along with possible promotional materials. Collaborators include Peer Educators, Resident Student Association, African American Student League, Organization of Latin American Students, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, University Ministry and Service, Community Development, and the Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Center. Plans received very favorable responses, and a number of suggestions for refinement were offered.

      Ms. Faries described and received suggestions regarding continued refinement of the successful outlines for Take Back the Night, which is to be held on Thursday, April 10. Ideas for complementary and supplementary activities and events throughout that week also were discussed. Ms. Faries is scheduled to meet tomorrow with the leaders of our Point organizations, who have already agreed to join this effort, to begin to build the collaborative schedule for the rest of that week.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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