Meeting Minutes – February 14, 2008

Present– Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Phenix Fraser, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Mike Payne, Sally Rooney ( for Julie Valenti).

Guest- Mike Nielsen

  • Welcome to Michael Payne – Mike will represent Enrollment Services on the Explore U Team.
  • Majors & Minors Fair – Update
    • Most academic departments have responded and are participating in the Majors and Minors Fair.
    • Strategies for attracting students to attend the fair were discussed
      • All Freshmen Advisors as well as faculty will get emails asking them to inform students about the Fair.
      • Signs and table tents will be posted and distributed.
      • M & Ms with advertising about the Fair will be distributed to students.
      • Announcements will go on the portal.
      • All Explore U students received an email encouraging them to attend the Fair.
      • Collegian article will be submitted.
      • WEXP will be contacted to see if they will announce it on the air.
  • Assessment of Explore U Pilot
    • Although the Freshmen Advisee survey results have been received, specific summary information regarding Explore U students is still pending.
    • Enrollment Services will be providing assessment information from the EASE data on Explore U students.
    • Fall to Spring attrition rates for undeclared A & S students & AEP students (Explore U students) will be compared to past years.
  • Checklist – electronic tracking:
    • Many ideas for setting up the Explore U checklist were discussed. Several factors were brought up to keep in mind as we develop the system for keeping track of student participation in Explore U.
      • Flexibility needs to exist for when students fulfill the requirements. For example, the time frame for writing a cover letter or completing a resume review may vary depending on what the student is preparing for (internship, post-undergraduate employment, etc.).
      • Depending on the School in which a student is enrolled, that School’s customized checklist would be assigned to the student (when student enters the system, their particular checklist would pop up).
      • Checklist needs to be creative and innovative so that it increases students’ motivation to access it and participate in this part of the model.
      • Each School would designate which ‘career development’ tasks are believed to be essential for completion. Each task might be given a code which would allow entering in completion of this task. Depending on the nature of the task, either the student would track participation or an Explore U administrator (perhaps the members of the Explore U Team or a Career Services Center work study student) would enter the data. This still needs working out.
      • Possibly eXplorenet will be used to track Explore U tasks completed by students.
    • Mike Nielsen, Genevieve Carlton, Jay Boney and Kara Branz will form a small committee to come in with more developed ideas for the checklist to present at the next Explore U meeting.
  • Fall 2008
    • Mike Payne will give Br. Ed Koronkiewicz a heads up about placing all undeclared Arts and Sciences Freshmen in the same FYOs similar to this year.
    • Next meeting, we will discuss what else the team needs to do to start preparing for next year when all the Freshmen will be introduced to the model and the current students in this year’s pilot study will be involved in the sophomore stage of the model.
    • It was agreed that undecided A&S and AEP freshmen entering in Fall 2008 would take the SDS, while all other incoming freshmen will be offered the opportunity to take the SDS.
  • Next Meeting – February 28 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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