Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co-Chairs Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members: Steve Andrilli, Arlene Dallery, Meryle Gurmankin, Angie Marfisi, Greg O’Shea, Cherylyn Rush, Celeste Wade, Matthew Webster
Absent: Mike Gilbert, Jeff Lyons, John Robinson

  • Health Fair – “To your WELLth” – March 13th
    • Logistics for the Fair were discussed.
    • Approximately 50 vendors (off campus professional health providers, on campus ‘health related’ academic departments, and student organizations) are scheduled and will have booths.
    • Five food companies will provide samples of ‘healthy foods’ as well as Food Services.
    • Six La Salle performance groups will give demonstrations during the Health Fair.
  • Health Tip of the Month – March
    • Meryle will do the text – Lane will design the flyer.
    • Topic will be skin cancer.
    • Angie will include the Health Tip in her ‘Fitnet’ newsletter.
  • Smoking Issues
    • It has been observed that several ceramic ashtrays have already been moved away from building entrances.
    • HAC will continue to monitor the placement of ashtrays to address complaints related to smoking in close proximity to building entrances.
  • Healthy U at the U
    • Programming addressing eating issues is being planned for the last week in March.
    • The DPHiE and ATA sororities, Peer Educators as well as Counseling and Health Services and Athletics are partnering together in this initiative.
  • Weight Watchers Group at La Salle
    • Approximately 30 individuals have signed up so far through Fitnet.
    • Weight Watchers however has very rigid requirements in how the meetings are set up (i.e. a room set aside where a scale and a file cabinet can be locked up).
    • The committee will be looking into whether we can satisfy these requirements in order to see if we can proceed with this initiative.
  • Recycling Issues
    • A brief discussion occurred concerning whether recycling issues belong in the Health Advisory Committee.
    • It was decided to table this discussion until the next HAC meeting.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for March 26 at 3:00 p.m.
    • Organizing recruitment strategies for the Spring Blood Drive will be discussed at this meeting.
    • 2007-08 Health Advisory Committee goals will be revisited.
    • Bed Bug policy will be reviewed.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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