Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2008

In Attendance: Ryan Holmes, Marjorie Allen, Frank Pearson, Arthur Grover, Mark Badstubner, Bonnie Zetick, Milton Richardson, Silvia Richardson, Florence Malcolm, Bill Durham

Absent: Louise Giugliano, Michael Elsenbeck, Jonathan Glennie, Ivy Felder

Minutes from February 1, 2008 meeting were accepted as written.

Agenda Items:

Does this unit have a role in helping to report to L & I?Currently there is no strategy geared at how to handle L & I violations. It has been handled on a case by case basis and responses have not been proactive in looking for issues.

  • The team decided it definitely has a role in reporting to help the community.
  • Members of the team have already met with neighbors and the police and both parties are willing to help to reach collective goals.
  • There is a political interest in the concerns and needs of the area and the councilwoman wants to put people in place to be responsible for different issues of the area.
    • Mr. Price will be responsible for watching for property damage. He will not profile and look only at student houses but look at all properties.
  • Three main issues were established that must be dealt with by the team
    • Trash – Trash is not being put out on trash days as well as it is being strewn all over neighbors properties after parties
      • In response to the trash issue the sanitation office for the district has already begun to work with the team. If there is proof that communication was attempted with someone leaving trash out and it is not cleaned up it can be reported to the police and citations can be written.
    • Noise – There is no respect for the neighbors and the time of day that the noise violations are taking place.
    • Occupancy – There are too many students in many properties

The team agreed that it is not enough to simply punish students through reports and citations but there is also a need to educate off campus students. Through this discussion two sub teams were formed that will meet on a more regular basis than the full team. How often the teams will meet has not yet been determined.

  • The education team will concentrate on educating current off campus students about issues as well as reaching out to potential off campus students. Many of the students have never lived on their own and need to be reminded of acceptable behavior. The group will look over what is currently in place to determine what else can be added or changed to work better. The members of the education team are Ryan Holmes, Marjorie Allen, Mark Malcolm, Bonnie Zetick
    • Currently in place for education are the following programs:
      • Ryan speaks to FYO students to introduce them to the neighbors
      • Off Campus Organization Newsletter which talks about what is going on relating to students.
      • The judicial system which handles problems reported
      • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • The reporting team will be responsible for identifying nuisance properties and funneling those issues through the proper channels whether it is judicial proceedings, L & I or Mr. Durham. The committee members for this team are Ryan Holmes, Bill Durham, Arthur Grover, Mark Badstubner and Frank Pearson.

Suggestions and Items for Further Discussion:

  • Students from both on and off campus should be involved in the group because many times the on campus student’s are responsible for trash on other properties.
  • There is no representative from athletics on the committee and they are a significant off campus student group.
  • No decision was made for how often the sub teams should meet.
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