Meeting Minutes – March 25, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair, first portion), Mindy Massaro, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Dr. Lane Neubauer (chair, second portion), Nathan Slife, Pat Terranova, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Ryan Yarcia.

Absent: Dan Bucher, Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro, Matt Doyle, Pete Engeland, Celeste Wade.

Guests: Alan Wendell, Kate Ward-Gaus.

  • Mr. Terranova led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  • Dr. Cicala offered updates to items from our last meeting.
    • Work on Take Back the Night and related events continues. Crystal Faires indicated, via email, that event materials are either on hand or in process but that a keynote speaker has not yet been secured. Dr. Cicala requested suggestions from our committee.
    • The Provost has indicated to Dr. Cicala that conversations with Urasenke about the future of the tea house have been concluded, and currently is considering the invitation to speak about this with our committee, which may or may not be an appropriate forum for discussion of the matter.
    • Questions about the conditions of the interior roadway will be addressed to our Physical Facilities and Security & Safety staffs.
    • Questions about should be addressed to the Academic Affairs Committee.
  • Mr. Terranova expressed concerns about staffing and service in Café Metro, and was advised to ask student representatives to raise the concerns with the Food Services Committee.
  • In follow-up to an item most recently on our agenda on January 29, Senior Associate Dean of Students Alan Wendell led a discussion of the document entitled “Improving University Oversight of Student Organizations,” which members had been asked to read in preparation for today’s meeting. The document was prepared in collaboration with the President of the Faculty Senate and others, for use in framing discussions about the needs and potential forms for revised guidelines and expectations for faculty and staff who serve as advisors to registered student organizations. Among the comments and suggestions were ones that centered on the creation of both universal elements and elements that might be negotiated/customized by students and advisors on an organization-by-organization basis, and one that called for emphasis of service as an organization advisor in promotion and tenure decisions. Dean Wendell also is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Faculty Senate later this week, and is to return for additional discussion with our committee on April 22.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
Lane B. Neubauer, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Students
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