Meeting Minutes – March 27, 2008

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Father Jim Dever, Anna Allen, Phenix Frazier, Erin McHugh, Br. John Kane, Suzanne Boyll, Nicole Pellegrino

Not In Attendance: Ryan Holmes, Suzanne Earnest, Karen Kostelny, Nancy Jones

Day One Hosts

  • The selection process for Day One Hosts has ended and nine offers were made. Two students declined the offer so an offer has been made to an alternate. That student has not yet responded to accept or decline the position. Seven students have officially accepted the position.
    • One student declined because he was offered a better paying job at the shore. The other student declined due to family obligations.
    • Two hosts are returning from last year.
  • The host position did not draw as large of an applicant pool as it has in the past. Feedback from past hosts has always been positive. The group was asked to bring back any feedback regarding the position that could be helpful in the future.

Day One Advising

  • Nancy is working with Br. Ed Koronkiewicz to see if academic advising can be done in the library. The group is working to try to pair academic advising with One-on-One’s. There is concern that if students are able to get both their schedules and their ID cards in the morning sessions, some may not stay for the afternoon sessions.
  • The basement lounge of the library looks like the best option for advising to take place. However, there is a question as to whether there is a secure place to store the equipment needed for advising.


  • Due to new policies, all purchase orders must be approved by the Provost. To ensure that the shirts arrive on time, Carolyn will be requesting shirt orders earlier than in previous years. The group agreed that this is not the year to alter the color or design of the shirts.

Day One Video

  • The group had previously discussed including scenes of campus expansion in the closing video to create excitement at the end of the day. University Communications is willing to help with the production of the video but cannot provide resources.
  • It is believed that much of the content of the proposed video could not only be used for Day ONE, but also for University Advancement and Enrollment Services events.

Day One Cheer

  • The cheer at the end of Day ONE was met with mixed emotions from the incoming students. Many students were not comfortable getting up on stage, and the hosts often struggled to get the students to participate. In addition, if One-on-Ones take place in the library, there would be no place for the students to plan and practice a cheer. It was suggested that if the closing video can create excitement, the cheer could be eliminated.

Opening Weekend Academic Discussion

  • Instead of the required reading used in the past, it was previously suggested that we have a faculty member speak to the students about an engaging topic. This could take place in the Hayman Center immediately following the Affirming Our Association session on Friday, and then have the students break into discussion groups in their team rooms in Olney. Alan spoke to Dr. Cicala about this idea and requested that he present it to the Council of Deans for approval. Alan asked the group to think of potential speakers.

Opening Weekend Explorer Games

  • If Friday’s schedule is changed as suggested above, we will need to move the Peers presentation to Saturday. The Peers presentation and an alternating academic presentation would then become mandatory events on Saturday. Alan’s proposal suggested that Saturday’s events begin with brunch, then have the academic components begin at noon, followed by some type of Explorer Games beginning at 3:00 p.m.
  • The games have struggled for participation in recent years. In past years, many of the games catered to students who liked outdoor physical activity. Due to the improvements to the stadium and baseball field a couple of years ago, as well as some students’ complaints of competing in hot weather, some of the games have been moved indoors and have become less physical. This has led to a drop off in participation from the more physical students. The group was asked for suggestions as to what the games could look like:
    • Since the Greek organizations facilitate the games, they could be charged with coming up with ideas.
    • The afternoon could have physical outdoor activities and the evening could have relaxed, less physical events.
    • We could have an open arena party in the Hayman Center, similar to what we previously did on the Thursday night of Opening Weekend, as well as some non-physical activities. This could eliminate the need for team leaders, and students could choose which activities they would like to participate in.
    • Adding the games after all the other activities makes for a very long day. There may not be a need for anything until the evening.
  • The Opening Weekend events, even if team games on Saturday are eliminated, would still require leaders to get the students to the various academic sessions. However, it has become increasingly difficult to recruit dedicated team leaders in recent years. The expectation will be set at spring training that Resident and Community Assistants will be responsible for leading groups during Opening Weekend.
    • It was also noted that if the students no longer participate as teams, there would be no need for team shirts. This would allow for budget savings that could be used for other activities/events for the weekend.
  • The goal was set that the Opening Weekend event schedule needs to be official by late April.
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