Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co-Chairs Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members Steve Andrilli, Arlene Dallery, Meryle Gurmankin, Jeff Lyons, Greg O’Shea, John Robinson, Cherylyn Rush,.
Absent: Mike Gilbert, Angie Marfisi, Celeste Wade, Matt Webster
Guest: Joe Birster

  • Blood Drive results
    • 184 pints of blood were collected (American Red Cross goal for La Salle’s Spring Blood Drive was 160 pints).
    • The Spring 2008 Blood Drive collection exceeded the Spring 2007 Blood Drive by 39 pints.
  • Follow up – issues from March 26th meeting
    • Smoking outside of Holroyd: Physical Facilities will make sure the ashtray outside of Holroyd stays 15 feet from the entrance.
    • Air quality in Wister: Physical Facilities is initiating an air study for Wister and will report back to the committee as to the findings.
    • Hayman Loft cleanliness: It was reported that the wipes in the Hayman Loft are being more consistently replenished and that the equipment is being wiped down on a more regular schedule.
    • Railing at 19th and Olney: The HAC had reported to Physical Facilities that the railing was loose. This was fixed immediately.
  • Wellness Portal Channel
    • The Portal committee is considering a “Wellness and Recreation” channel that would contain information about ‘health issues’ as well as ‘recreational’ activities occurring on campus
    • The Health Advisory Committee was approached about being involved with this. The committee unanimously felt that this would be a positive pursuit for the committee.
  • Weight Watchers – update
    • As of this meeting, La Salle is just 4 people short of the required amount of members needed to start a Weight Watchers’ chapter on campus.
    • Everyone was encouraged to talk up this initiative so we can pursue this further.
  • Campus Accessibility
    • Joe Birster updated the committee on work that is being done to address accessibility issues at La Salle University.
      • All new building construction and renovations (i.e. West Campus) will be ADA compliant.
      • All new furniture acquisitions (i.e. desks) will allow for ample space for wheelchairs.
      • It was pointed out that the railings in the two stairwells in the Union appear potentially hazardous as it would be easy to slip through them. Mr. Birster will check these out to see if this does indeed present a safety issue from a physical plant perspective
      • Mr. Birster also elaborated on some of the initiatives in the works for improving recycling on campus. .
  • 2007-08 Health Advisory Committee Goals – reviewed
    • Provide education and awareness for relevant health issues at La Salle University and update campus community when health concerns do arise
      • ‘Health Tip of the Month’ was published throughout the year in Campus News, on the portal and in FITNET.
      • Pertinent health issues were addressed in HAC meetings with actions initiated when appropriate and shared with the University community through HAC minutes.
    • Continue efforts to increase awareness of Healthy Objectives 2010.
      • Nutrition
        • Health Advisory Committee continued to recommend the addition of nutritional information to be displayed at the various food venues to help La Salle community members make informed food choices but since Food Services is not budgeted to have a nutritionist on staff, this has not been possible
        • Health Advisory Committee took a leadership role with the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Peer Educators, Athletics and two sororities ( DPHiE and ATA) to provide a week of programming addressing eating and body image issues.
        • Health Fair provided several booths that centered on the above issues.
      • Fitness
        • HAC continues to partner with Athletics and Recreation to promote fitness within the LaSalle community.
        • Fitness facilities’ usage has increased this year.
        • More recreational classes i.e. yoga, aerobics, etc. are being offered through A & R.
      • Identify, evaluate and communicate protocols for handling “Mental Health” issues on campus.
        • Deferred until the 2008-09 academic year.
    • Plan successful Blood Drives including adding a third day for Platelet collection. – Met!
    • Plan successful Health Fair. Met!
    • Assess success of alcohol and other drug prevention efforts on campus relevant to employees and students and generate suggestions if necessary.
      • Health Tip of the Month addressed Aderall abuse.
      • Articles in Collegian addressed AOD issues as well as Aderall abuse.
      • More attention to this issue is needed during next year.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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