Meeting Minutes – April 17, 2008

Present– Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Phenix Fraser, Br. Ed Koronkewicz, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti.

  • Assessment Results:
    • A summary of the Explore U assessment data (from the Freshmen Advising questionnaire) was distributed and reviewed. The results showed that the majority (52 – 60 %) of students felt Explore U presentation in their FYO class helped them with their choice of major, possible future careers, and preparation for their future career needs. Although more than half of these students discussed majors & minors with their advisor, only 25% discussed their Self-Directed Search (SDS) results with their advisor.
  • 2008-09 Sophomore pilot
    • The Team discussed how to keep the 2007-08 Freshmen who participated in the Explore U pilot engaged in the Explore U model so they will continue to participate as Sophomores.
      • All Explore U 2007-08 freshmen (approx 155) will receive an Explore U “goodie bag” prior to finals week.
        • a card will be attached that states “thank you and congratulations on being a part of the first class to participate in the new Explore U Program”
        • It will also state “Look out for Fall Explore U Materials”.
      • A postcard will be sent to these students over the summer informing them to stay tuned for more information about upcoming ‘Explore U’ events and tasks for their participation during their sophomore year.
      • A letter will be sent out in August with more details about the above with information about the Explore U Web site and electronic checklist (see below).
    • Main tasks during their Sophomore year will include the following:
      • Gather information on majors and educational paths
      • Investigate potential jobs, careers, and industries.
      • Solidify short and longer term academic and career-related goals.
    • Sophomore students will be given incentives to engage in the Explore U electronic checklist to increase motivation to complete relevant tasks related to the above.
  • 2008-09 Freshmen – Explore U
    • All Freshmen will be introduced to Explore U in their FYO sections. Lou and Lane met with Margot Soven who will be communicating with the FYO instructors about the inclusion of the Explore U/Career Services session into their FYO syllabi.
      • Specifically, the “Undecided Arts and Sciences” Freshmen will be placed in designated FYO sections and will be given the Self Directed Search self assessment with a required reflection paper (same as this year’s pilot program).
      • AEP students will go through the above process during the week they come in early for orientation.
      • All other freshmen will be informed about Explore U during the Career Services module in their FYO class and given the option to complete a Self Directed Search on their own with a follow up appointment with a Career Services Counselor to discuss the results.
    • Since the goal is to involve all 2008-09 Freshmen, all Freshmen advisors should be aware of the Explore U model so they can follow up with each student in helping him/her to confirm or decide choice of major.
  • Explore U Web site & Electronic checklist
    • Lane and Lou are working with Mike Nielsen to begin development of the Explore U Web site.
      • An informative Web site with facts about the Explore U model and its purpose will be visible for any visitor to La Salle’s Web pages.
      • Each enrolled student will each have her/his own Explore U Web page that will be customized to the student’s school of enrollment where they can keep track of their progress through the Explore U model (electronic checklist).
      • The checklist would be interactive, dynamic and creative and help to engage students in wanting to participate in the model.
      • The Explore U committee is in the process of looking to hire a DART or computer science student who would have the creative and technical skills to assist DSA Information Technologies Coordinator Mike Nielsen in the design of the Explore U website and electronic checklist.
  • Future schedule for the Explore U team
    • It was decided that going forward, the Explore U Team will meet once a month rather than every other week as it has been.
    • The Career Services staff with Lane (Explore U work group) will get together on the alternative bi-monthly week to continue to work out the logistics of the model.
    • Progress will be shared with the entire Explore U team at the monthly meetings to get input and reactions that can then be incorporated into the model.
  • Next Meeting – May 8th, 2008

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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