Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co Chairs: Lane B. Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Teri Ceraso, Penny Grob, Peg McCoey, Marc Moreau, Jim Rook
Excused: Jim Gulick, Meryl Gurmankin, Margaret Lowenthal, Liz Scofield

  • Updates
    • Through Career Services, La Salle participated in the Atlantic-10 eCareer Fair (April 1 – 15, 2008). The event was promoted via portal announcements, flyers and emails. As of April 3rd, 453 students from the 14 A-10 schools participated; 32 La Salle students participated. As of April 11th, 27 companies posted 198 jobs for students.
    • Using the eXplorenet system, Career Services created several “virtual job fair” links (a special job search link and a “one-click search”) through which students could easily search summer, internship, co-op and full-time positions. This was the first attempt at doing this; adjustments and additional features will be investigated for next year.
    • The Nonprofit Career Fair was held at St. Joseph’s University on April 10th. Over 100 nonprofit organizations and over 400 students (from 13 local universities) registered to attend. The exact number of La Salle students attending has not been yet been provided.
    • The Career Services Center collaborated with the Commencement Year Team this year on the annual (etiquette) Dinner with the Deans, scheduled for April 18, 2008. However, due to low student registration (fewer than 20 seniors), the dinner was cancelled. Career Services is providing registered students with copies of Cap & Compass’s life after school, explained.

    Peggy M. suggested that, in the future, key events be added to the mylasalle Welcome tab as a way to remind faculty, as well as announcing events to all faculty through Personal Announcements. Peggy also recommended that Career Services have a separate section within the Student Affairs channel if not its own channel.

  • Career Services Center staffing for 2008-09
    • Applications are now being accepted for the Career Services Associate position; interviews will be conducted within the next several weeks. The goal is to fill the position as early as June 1, 2008.
    • This position was vacant for 2007-08 due to a University hiring freeze.
  • Explore U
    • Assessment results (from the Freshmen Advising questionnaire) were distributed and reviewed. The results showed that the majority (52 – 60 %) of students felt Explore U presentation in their FYO class helped them with their choice of major, possible future careers and preparation for their future career needs. Although more than half of these students discussed majors & minors with their advisor, only 25% discussed their Self-Directed Search (SDS) results with their advisor.
      • It was recommended that information on the Explore U program be distributed to all academic advisors with Opening Weekend materials.
    • Plans for the engaging the Explore U 2007-08 pilot students during their sophomore year were discussed. All Explore U 2007-08 freshmen (approx 155) will receive an Explore U “goodie bag” prior to finals week. Postcards and letters to parents will be sent to their home addresses over the summer informing them about Sophomore Year Explore U career exploration initiatives.
    • All freshmen entering in August 2008 will be exposed to the Explore U model in their FYOs. Undecided Liberal Arts majors and AEP students will again take the SDS in class groups (AEP students on August 21 during AEP Week; ULAs within the first 4 – 6 weeks in their FYO class) and follow-up with their advisors. Other first year students will benefit from Explore U presentations in their FYO classes, and will be invited/encouraged to come to the Career Services Center to take the SDS and begin the Explore U process individually, with the assistance of the Career Services Center staff.
    • The Explore Your Possibilities (sophomore) checklist was distributed.
  • Future Meetings:
    • Lane and Lou expressed appreciation to the members for their involvement in the committee and their input and feedback to the Career Services Center.
    • The committee found the meetings to be very helpful and expressed interest in continuing to meet during the 2008-09 academic year.

Respectfully submitted by Louis A. Lamorte, Jr.

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