Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Dr. Lane B. Neubauer (Acting Chair), Dan Bucher, Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro, Matt Doyle, Mindy Massaro, Nathan
Slife, Pat Terranov a, Dr. Patricia Wilson. Guests: Joe Birster, Art Grover, and Alan Wendell
Members Absent: Dr. Joseph Cicala, Pete Engeland, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Celeste Wade, Ryan Yarcia.

  • Internal Roadway Condition
    • Pat Terranova introduced concerns about the appearance of the internal roadway that leads down to South
      Campus. He specifically mentioned that as an admissions tour guide, he was concerned that the poor quality of the
      roadway may give a negative impression to prospective students and their families.
    • Joe Birster, Associate Director of Physical Facilities, explained that this road leading up from Lindley Ave. is the planned
      route for construction vehicles, deliveries and equipment for the Holroyd Science Building expansion.

      • Permanent paving will need to wait until after the construction is completed. However, temporary patches for
        potholes are planned.
      • Mr. Birster encouraged students to let him know if there are potholes that Physical Facilities might not be
        aware of.
      • Paving from the 20th Street entrance onto campus and work towards finishing the paving area behind the
        Union has been reviewed and budgeted.
      • The roadway behind Olney Hall and between the Baseball Field and McCarthy Stadium has been patched for
        now, and will be reviewed after construction to see what improvements are then needed to this roadway.
      • Mr. Birster encouraged the committee to communicate that the situation concerning the construction
        roadway leading up from Lindley Ave. is a temporary situation and ultimately, it will lead to exciting major
        improvements in the overall quality of our campus.
    • Art Grover, Director of Security and Safety, noted that, from a safety point of view, his department can also be
      contacted if members of the La Salle community note something that seems to present a safety risk. Security and
      Safety can facilitate an incident report that will result in the appropriate individuals being contacted to address the
  • Advising Registered Student Organizations
    • Alan Wendell, Senior Associate Dean of Students, presented a document that he and Faculty Senate President Beth
      Paulin drafted that addresses the relationship between Registered Student Organizations and their faculty/staff
      Advisors. Mr. Wendell was seeking feedback as well as endorsement for this document from the Student Affairs
    • There were some questions whether all members of Registered Student Organizations will be responsible to know
      everything in the agreement. Mr. Wendell explained that it would be the leaders of the organizations who would be
      responsible to understand the agreement.
    • Mr. Wendell explained that this agreement between Registered Student Organizations and their Faculty/Staff Advisors
      is needed in the current legal climate for institutions of higher education, in which both advisors and colleges/
      universities are being sued for dangerous and/or inappropriate student behavior.

      • This may mean that some faculty/staff members decide to opt out of this advising role, as they might not want
        the higher level of responsibility.
      • Conversely, a Registered Student Organization that is not making responsible decisions may have difficulty
        finding a Faculty/Staff Advisor and this would impact their ability to remain registered.
    • As mentioned in the March 25th SAC minutes, the members of the SAC strongly recommended that emphasis of
      service as an organization advisor be considered in promotion and tenure decisions.
    • The SAC members present at today’s meeting unanimously agreed that the ‘”Advising Student Organizations”
      document presented by Mr. Wendell should be recommended to the Dean of Students and that it be adopted policy.

Respectfully Submitted by
Lane B. Neubauer, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean of Students

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