Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2008

MinutesPresent: Anna Allen (chair), Dawn Wanner, Tonya Ellis, Steve Smith, Evelyn Klein

1. The Spring Semester minutes were reviewed and accepted by those present.

2. Committee members provided updates about the outreach to other student media groups on campus. Dawn Wanner reached out to Dr. Tsakaridou, advisor to Politicus, which has not had much student interest lately. Evelyn Klein reached out to Kevin Grauke, advisor to Grimoire, which did publish this semester in a timely manner. Ginger Modla reached out to The Histories, which has had not recent activity and which now seems to be part of The Historical Club. All expressed interest in learning more about this committee, but none have an expressed need at this time. The Committee will reach out again at the beginning of next year’s cycle.

3. The issue of routine post-publication review will be handled in the following manner:

a. The Explorer – will be reviewed for accuracy, interest, quality, and visual design.
b. The Collegian – four editions have been chosen for review by the committee, two in the Fall semester and two in the Spring. The particular editions have been recorded by the chair, and are not public at this time, in order to maintain objectivity for all members, including those who serve in the publication of the newspaper.
c. La Salle 56 – Tonya Ellis currently conducts a mid-semester evaluation of all student producers. She will share these evaluations, along with illustrative excerpts, with the Committee, at the first meeting subsequent to the mid-semester.
d. WEXP– Dawn Wanner will select, at random, podcasts for review by the Committee. While all shows are not currently podcast, she anticipates that each year, more and more will select this option, making this method increasingly representative of the body of material presented by the station.

4. The committee will continue working with all student media groups to einsure that methods of soliciting and selecting student leadership are sound and documented. Through investigation this year, we have learned that the methods are sound, but not necessarily documented in a proper fashion.

5. The committee, by a unanimous show of hands of those present (recognizing that an official quorum was not present), approved the selection of the following student leadership:

The Collegian Editor-in-chief: Sam Fran Scavuzzo
WEXP General Manager: Cory Anotado

6. Lastly, the committee again requests the chair to present the Student Media Committee proposal to the Dean of Students for presentation to the Student Affairs Committee. It is hoped that the newly configured Student Media Committee will replace the Student Press Committee, to better reflect the current and, perhaps, future state of student media on La Salle’s campus.

Submitted by:
Anna Melnyk Allen

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