Meeting Minutes – May 8, 2008

Present- Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte: Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Fraser, Kathi McNichol
Absent- Mary Dorr, Br. Edward Koronkewicz, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti
Guests- Dr. Ray Davis, Dr. Mark Presnell, Mike Nielsen, Maggy Maffia

  • Dr. Ray Davis and Dr. Mark Presnell were introduced to the Explore U Team.
    • Dr. Davis and Dr. Presnell have been functioning as consultants this past year to the Career Services Center.
    • Dr. Davis is a Career Development consultant with the U.S. Department of Education; Dr. Presnell is Director of Career Services at John Hopkins University.
  • Updates
    • Dr. Neubauer presented to the Deans, Department Chairs and Program Directors on the Freshmen Explore U pilot study as part of the Freshmen Initiatives meeting organized by the Provost’s office.
    • There is a possibility that more FYO sections will be participating in the structured Explore U model than just the undecided Arts and Sciences and AEP students.
      • Special sections are being set up for ‘at risk’ students that would benefit from the ‘self assessment’ process as it relates to choice of major and career decision making inherent in the first stage of the Explore U model.
      • In addition, 10 additional pilot FYO’s are being initiated by Jaime Longo that would include 2 sessions to involve students in the Explore U model.
  • Web Site Development and Electronic Checklist
    • Maggy Maffia was introduced to the committee. Maggy Maffia just graduated from the DART program and has been hired as a consultant to help develop the Explore U web site and electronic checklist.
    • Ms. Maffia (with Mike Nielsen) demonstrated the initial concepts for the Explore U web site. The committee expressed enthusiasm and approval for these.
    • Some suggestions from the committee were given as to what should be included on the Explore U web site as its development continues.
  • Sophomore Year pilot
    • Currently, all freshmen who were involved in this year’s pilot are being sent a final exam “goodie bag’ with a note congratulating them on participating in the first stage of the Explore U model. This is being done to facilitate continued association with the Explore U model to increase chances of re-engaging these students next year as sophomores.
    • Postcards will be sent out over the summer informing these students about the second stage of the Explore U model.
    • Letters to students and their families will also be sent over the summer.
    • Details for ‘b’ and ‘c’ need to be worked out.
  • Next meeting is June 3 at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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