Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2008

Summary of Activity for Student Press Committee
Spring Semester 2008
Meetings held on: December 3, 2007; February 20, 2008; March 20, 2008

Present: Anna Allen (chair), Dr. Evelyn Klein, Dr. Steven Smith, Dr. Ginger Modla, Dawn Wanner, Tonya Ellis, Dawn Wanner, Erin Brodbeck, Jeff Landis

The work of the Student Press Committee continued through the Spring Semester, with the on-going challenge of gathering membership in a regular way, paying particular attention to faculty schedules, and student leader internship and co-op schedules. As a result, meetings were regularly held, but the bulk of the reporting and reflecting was conducted on a mylasalle group that all members joined. The actual meetings were often duplicated from one meeting to the next, given scheduling conflicts. The following areas have been addressed and actions taken:

1. A comprehensive review of the student media practices of training and selection of key leadership positions (for Collegian, Explorer, and WEXP). All current student leadership submitted narratives regarding nominations and membership selection for 2008-2009 leadership positions. Conversation centered on documenting the selection process within the student organizations, for consistency and for the integrity of each selection process. There is some work to do in each of these organizations in this regard. The Collegian has a consistent practice that needs to be documented, while The Explorer and WEXP have constitutions that are in the process of active review or scheduled for same. All student organizations are reminded that leadership choices are required to be reviewed by Student Press Committee. All groups have shared their election/selection results electronically, and this will be reviewed by the committee during the last meeting of the year, scheduled for May 1, 2008.

2. Post-publication review will become standardized for the year 2008-2009 for The Collegian, The Explorer, WEXP, and La Salle 56. At the May 1 meeting, random editions will be selected for review throughout the coming year. In the instance where reviewing an “edition” is not conducive, tapes of shows or broadcasts will be made available for review.

3. Lastly, with guidance from the Dean of Students, whom this Committee serves in an advisory capacity, further refinement of the proposal to move this group from Student Press to Student Media Committee, is now available for submission to the Dean and to the Student Affairs Committee for review, comment, and action. The obligations of the Committee to the University and to the individual student organizations are reflected in the new draft. There is also an invitation for other current and future student media groups to seek guidance and support from the committee. It is still the opinion of the current committee that required membership of all student media will only exacerbate the already present difficulty of scheduling meetings for productive work.

4. With varying degrees of success, the members of the committee contacted advisors or student leaders from The Grimoire, Politicus, and The Histories to determine what role could be played in the support of these student organizations. These reports will be recorded at the next meeting.

5. The agenda for the May 1 meeting will include:

  • Final review of Student Media Committee draft
  • Review and approval of new student leadership for 2008-2009
  • Post-publication dates for Fall 2008
  • Results of outreach to other current student media groups
  • Other new business.

Submitted by:
Anna Melnyk Allen

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