Meeting Minutes – Jun 3, 2008

Present- Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte: Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Fraser, Nikki Giannini, Kathi McNichol
Absent- Mary Dorr, Br. Edward Koronkewicz, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti
Guests- Mike Nielsen, Maggy Maffia, Sally Rooney

  • Nikki Giannini was introduced to the committee as a member of the Explore U team in her new capacity as Career Services Associate.
  • Explore U Annual Report
    • The 2007-08 Explore U Annual Report was shared with the committee.
    • Goals for 2008-09 were presented. These include the following.
      • One or two additional faculty members will be added to the Explore U team (preferably from the School of Arts and Sciences).
      • Create the Explore U web site and bring it on line.
      • Create and implement an electronic checklist (tracking system).
      • Collect and analyze data on 2008 Freshmen involvement in Explore U.
      • Evaluate the effectiveness of the 2008 Sophomore Pilot study.
      • Identify strategy for implementing 2009 Junior year pilot study.
  • Implementation of Explore U for all Freshmen – Fall 2008
    • Undecided Arts and Sciences – 3 sections – students will be administered the Self Directed Search and assigned a reflection paper.
    • FYO pilot sections – 10 sections – 2 Explore U class periods: class period 1 – Self Directed Search introduced and administered with reflection paper assigned; class period 2 – discussion and processing of students experiences.
    • AEP students – Explore U module (self directed search & process discussion) to occur during AEP orientation (week proceeding start of fall semester).
    • “At Risk” FYO Sections – more in depth implementation of the Explore U model – details still to be worked out.
    • All other FYO sections – students will be introduced to the Explore U model and encouraged to make an appointment with the Career Services Center to participate in the Self Directed Search.
      • Self Directed Search instruments will be available at the FYO for the student to take with them to fill out and follow up appointment (to review the results with a CSC counselor) will be scheduled at the time of the FYO.
      • Other students will be encouraged to come to the CSC at any time to do above step if and when they are interested.
  • Web Site Development
    • The latest version of the Explore U web site was demonstrated by Maggy Maffia and Mike Nielsen.
    • Feedback was given that will be incorporated as progress continues.
    • Goal is to get web site live and available by middle of August.
    • Electronic checklist is also currently being worked on.
  • Discussion
    • Role of the Freshmen Advisor?
      • All freshmen advisors of students who take the Self Directed Search will be requested to discuss this experience with their advisees as it relates to the students’ confidence in current choice of ‘major’.
      • Hard copies of reflection papers will be sent to the Advisors ( blackboard will no longer be utilized).
    • Sophomore pilot – how to re-engage sophomores in the next steps of Explore U model?
      • Post card will be sent over the summer with link to Explore U electronic checklist – free gift will be given if student brings postcard to the CSC when they return to campus (possibly planners: “ Make a Plan, get a Planner!”.
      • Another possibility for the postcard may be to direct students to go on to the electronic checklist and print out a voucher that can be brought to CSC to be exchanged for their gift as a way to motivate Sophomores to check out the ‘checklist’.
      • Targeted portal announcements will be initiated upon Sophomores’ return to campus
      • Other possible ideas include the following:
        • a ‘networking’ event targeted towards sophomores involving alumni,
        • a ‘fun’ Explore U social event for sophomores i.e. ice cream sundaes
        • periodically, sending out factoids or articles involving preparing to enter the world of employment or graduate school.
        • a ‘sophomore’ brochure: “ Now that you are a sophomore….”
  • Next meetings
    • Explore U workgroup – Tuesday June 3, 2008
    • Explore U Entire Team – Thursday July 17, 2008

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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