Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co Chairs: Lane B. Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Kate Cook, Jim Gulick, Meryl Gurmankin, Peg McCoey, Jim Rook.
Absent: Teri Ceraso, Penny Grob, Margaret Lowenthal, Marc Moreau, Liz Scofield.

  • Welcome and Introductions.
    • Kate Cook – International Education Coordinator – was introduced as the newest member of the committee.
    • Returning committee members discussed what they hoped to get out of the Career Services Advisory Committee during the upcoming year.
      • Gaining information about upcoming Career Services Center events.
      • Increasing involvement of Alumni with students around career needs.
      • Learning about career development initiatives occurring in each of the Schools.
      • Facilitating opportunities for Continuing and Professional Studies’ students to access career information and career development opportunities.
      • Broadening the understanding of the definition of “experiential learning” and increasing opportunities for students to incorporate these experiences into their Lasallian experience in preparing for their futures.
      • Discussing potential career opportunities for Health Studies majors and ways to gain practical & relevant experiences during their undergraduate experience.
  • Goals for 2008 -09.
    • Continue to develop collaboration among the Career Services Center, Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations and other departments & offices to address the career needs of La Salle students.
    • Solicit student input regarding relevancy and accessibility of services and programs offered or initiated by the Career Services Center.
    • Continue to provide notifications and updates on career-related events to committee members in an effort to increase awareness of Career Services Center initiatives among faculty and students.
  • Career Services Center – updates.
    • Lou Lamorte updated the committee on additions to the Career Services Center staff.
    • Events – Fall semester.
      • Co-op/ Internship Orientation (Aug. 26).
      • Advanced Career Services Orientation –seniors (Aug. 28th).
      • Immigration Career/Internship Symposium (Sept. 8th).
      • Accounting & Finance Network Night (Sept. 10th).
      • Career Services Orientation for Arts & Sciences Seniors (Oct.7).
      • Kaplan Test Prep (Oct 15).
      • Career Expo 2008 ( Oct. 30).
        • as of this meeting, ~65 employers have committed to being at the Expo
        • 20% of the above represent Health Care facilities.
      • Alumni Networking event for Explore U sophomores (Oct. 30).
  • Additional discussion items.
    • Discussion took place as to how to infuse the “Lasallian Mission” into career development initiatives and how the CSAC can facilitate dialogue within the La Salle community addressing strategies to accomplish this.
    • It was suggested that this might be a good Faculty Development opportunity to explore how La Salle currently handles “experiential learning/education.” Specifically, it would be useful to see how each School defines and structures experiential education into their curriculum requirements and to share strategies and approaches that have produced positive learning experiences that support and emphasize Lasallian values and mission (i.e. opportunities for reflection, experiential and active learning that is energizing, and an emphasis on a La Salle educational experience being practical).
  • Next meeting will be held on Oct. 13th at 3 p.m. Location TBA.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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