Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2008

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Father Jim Dever, Anna Allen, Erin McHugh, Br. John Kane, Suzanne Boyll, Nicole Pellegrino, Ryan Holmes, Mike Minetti, Kyle Abbott

Alan welcomed the members who were newly appointed to the team and everyone introduced themselves. He noted that we will continue to work closely with the Admissions’ staff in an effort to create a more seamless transition for new students beginning with their first experience with Admissions through Day ONE and Opening Weekend.

Observations from Day ONE 2008

  • The evaluations from Day ONE are posted in the NSET portal group for review.
  • The library proved to be a better location for the one-on-one interviews.
  • A suggestion was made that a couple of the interview questions could be reworded to help the students better understand what we are asking.
  • Replacing boxed salad with the salad bar was well accepted. It was noted that some people asked if they could have a side salad along with an entrée. We will work with Food Services to see if this is an option for next year.
  • It was agreed that the closing session was better without the cheer competition. Both the students and the families enjoyed the slideshow presentation of the students’ activities throughout the day.
  • We were still faced with the problem of uncomfortable temperatures in the Chapel and the theater.
  • There was still a struggle to keep sessions on schedule. Some causes were:
  • If the opening session runs late, the rest of the day then tends to run late.
  • If families arrive late for lunch, they tend to stay later in the Information Fair and are then late for the breakout sessions in the afternoon.
  • Many parents were upset because they were not able to be with their students when they were planning their rosters. We need to help parents better understand while they are not involved in the process.

Observations from Opening Weekend 2008

  • Opening Weekend was well attended. The Resident and Community Assistants who served as team leaders this year did an excellent job of getting their groups to the various sessions on time.
  • The faculty presentation in Hayman on Friday went well. We will solicit feedback from those who facilitated the breakout sessions that followed the faculty presentation.
  • Some people feel that Opening Weekend is too long. The question was raised as to whether opening could take place on Friday. It was also suggested that the Academic Department and Advisor meetings be moved to free periods during the first week of classes, and that the critical information that we must give to students be scheduled for Saturday.
  • It was suggested that we invite some faculty members to join us to discuss how we can make Opening Weekend a better experience for all.
  • It was also suggested that we check with other comparable universities to see what their opening schedules look like.
  • It was noted that one local university purchased Phillies tickets for its new students. As the Opening Weekend budget could not provide for such an expense, it was suggested that maybe Alumni would be willing to fund such an event.
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