Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Lane Neubauer, Steve Kopec, Mike Neilsen, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Dr. Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Vanessa Badalamenti, Stasia Ford, Matt Doyle, Chris Petrucci, Kathryn Feld, Pat Terranova.

Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus.

  • Dr. Cicala led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  • We introduced ourselves and we reviewed our charge statement and membership list.
  • Two items (see numbers 4 and 5 below) comprised our agenda for today’s meeting, and members were invited to submit additional items for future meetings. It also was noted that, most likely commencing with our next meeting, we will resume our schedule of periodic reviews of one or more units or programs of the Division of Student Affairs, employing as we have in years past the national guidelines set forth by the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS). Members are welcome to submit suggestions for this year’s review(s).
  • Ms. Ward-Gaus led us in the first stage of what will be on an ongoing series of discussions about/reviews of the various components of the University’s policies regarding alcohol and other drugs, in connection with this year’s biennial review of policies and services as required by the US Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. Consultation with Dr. Cicala prior to today’s meeting, stimulated in part by a faculty member’s expressed concerns about the amount of alcohol (and, for the faculty member, other inappropriate) advertising in an external periodical distributed on our campus, led to the selection as a starting point for our discussion of our own published guidelines for our registered student organizations’ advertisement of events at which alcohol may legally be served. Members were asked to review those guidelines, as they appear in the Information Manual for Student Organizations, in preparation for discussion at our October meeting.
  • Mr. Terranova led us in a discussion of student-led efforts to promote recycling, sustainability, and other environmentally-centered activities among our students (and the larger University community, as well). Some of those efforts, such as a call for decreases in usage of bottled water, also have roots in concerns for social justice. We decided that invitations to our next meeting will be extended to representatives of the student groups that currently are interested and/or involved (e.g., Students for Environmental Action, Resident Student Association, Sociology Club, and the currently informal H2O Team) and to Associate Director Joe Birster and other Facilities Management staff members, so that we may have a round-table discussion aimed at stimulating even more synergies between and among all of the people and groups that have been working to improve recycling and related efforts at La Salle. Professor Bill Price also was identified as an interested and involved community member, and an invitation will be extended to him, as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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