Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2008

Summary of Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Kathryn Feld, Kerri Slavin, Sam Fran Scavuzzo, Huntly Collins, Dawn Wanner, Evelyn Klein, Anna Allen

Reviewed and finalized renaming Student Press Committee to Student Media Committee. Proposal will be sent to the Student Affairs Committee for review and approval. Suggestion was made to have a standardized set of review points to review The Explorer yearbook and The Collegian newspaper. Different members volunteered to post the national standards for committee to review.

Some discussion on who should advise student organizations and opinions were heard in favor of faculty or staff being the advisor and it was agreed that both have merits, neither one better than then other. Communication Department had an activity fair and the yearbook was excluded for some reason. A list of student organizations will be provided to the Communication Department especially those that are involved in communication and media activities so more organizations can be included any future activity fairs.

All members of this committee are urged to use the Groups function in mylasalle to post items for review and discussion.

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