Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co-Chairs Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members Steve Andrilli, Mike Gilbert, Matt Gionta, Karen Kostelny, Katelyn Joyce, Jeff Lyons, Greg O’Shea, Cherylyn Rush.
Absent: Arlene Dallery, Meryle Gurmankin, Matt Pini

  • Smoking Issues
    • Several complaints have been brought to the HAC’s attention about individuals bothered by cigarette smoking outside of buildings. Specifically, complaints from students (and/or parents on their students’ behalf) living on the first floors of residence halls, from faculty with first floor offices, and library patrons complaining of smoke outside of the library doors have been forwarded to the Health Advisory Committee.
    • The HAC researched other local Universities as to their smoking policies. Many restrict it within a certain distance from buildings or have designated smoking areas. The PA State schools have moved to smoke-free campuses. Enforcement, for the most part, falls under the jurisdiction of Safety and Security except in the residence halls where smoking violations are confronted by residence life professionals.
    • American College Health Association(ACHA) recommends limiting smoking at least 20 feet from all campus buildings with the ultimate goal being to “achieve a campus wide tobacco-free environment” (ACHE Guidelines, 2005).
    • It was reported that the students who attended the Sept. 2008 HAC meeting regarding issues related to smoking outside of buildings, have begun to circulate a petition and have collected over 100 signatures supporting developing policy to prevent smoking near buildings.
    • The HAC discussed various approaches to moving smoking away from campus buildings. The HAC recommends that La Salle move towards a smoke-free environment but that this would need to be phased in over several years in incremental steps.
    • A sub-committee of the HAC was formed which will meet outside of the regular HAC meeting to discuss strategies and recommendations. These will be brought to the next HAC meeting for input from the whole committee.
  • Weight Watchers
    • Unfortunately, only 15 people signed up for the Weight Watchers group. Weight Watchers requires a minimum of 20 participants before they will start a group. Therefore, deposits were returned.
    • Another attempt to get a Weight Watchers group off the ground will be made for Spring Semester. Names are being collected for this option.
  • Health Tip of the Month
    • HAC will partner this year with La Salle’s Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania organization to come up with monthly “health tips” for the La Salle Community. SNAP has identified a health theme for each month which the “Health Tip” will complement.
    • Since November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, November’s tip will focus on “Staying Healthy through the Holidays”.
  • Bed Bug Policy
    • The Bed Bug Policy was approved and is now official policy and protocol.
    • Copies are available through Physical Facilities, Community Development, Administrative Services and/or the Health Advisory Committee.
  • The 2008 Fall Blood Drive is scheduled for November 11th and 12th. The following groups will help staff the recruitment tables the week before the blood drive: IFSC, SGA, Peers, SNAP, multicultural clubs, and HAC.
  • Allergy Policy
    • The committee was apprised of the risks, time, and expense involved in administering allergy shots through the Student Health Center.
      • Students receiving allergy shots must be seen during “doctor’s hours” since protocol requires an M.D. be on site during the administering of allergy injections due to high risk nature of these procedures. This means that sick students sometimes must be turned away and asked to return after doctor’s hours when allergy injections are completed.
      • There are liability issues since allergy injections sometimes put a student into anaphylactic shock; Student Health Center has had three cases of near anaphylaxis in recent years.
      • Allergy shots are very time consuming with calls to prescribing physician necessary, multiple visits to the Student Health Center for the student, extensive chart reviews, post injection evaluations, etc.
      • Supplies for allergy shots are expensive placing a strain on the Student Health Center’s budget.
    • There is an Allergy Clinic available at Einstein where appropriate emergency equipment is available in a hospital setting. Students with health insurance, as required by the University, can receive their injections free of charge and can get there via the Shuttle.
    • The HAC unanimously voted to recommend that the Student Health Center stop administering allergy injections. This recommendation will be passed on to the Dean of Students for his consideration.
  • 2008-09 Goal Assignments
    • Address issues related to smoking close to University buildings. Greg O’Shea, Mike Gilbert, Dina Oleksiak
    • Provide education and awareness for relevant health issues and update the La Salle community when health concerns do arise. Meryl Gurmankin, Mike Gilbert
    • Continue to address Healthy Objectives 2010 related to fitness and nutrition. Cherylyn Rush, Jeff Lyons, Matt Gionta
    • Plan successful Blood Drives and a Platelet Collection Drive. Lane Neubauer
    • Plan successful Health Fair. Lane Neubauer, Dina Oleksiak
    • Address mental health as well as alcohol and other drug protocols for the La Salle University community. Karen Kostelny, Katelyn Joyce, Arleen Dallery
    • Provide support for a Wellness and Recreation channel on the Portal. Matt Gionta, Lane Neubauer
  • Next Meeting is November 21st at 9 a.m. in McShain Hall Seminar Room.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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