Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Lane Neubauer, Steve Kopec, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Vanessa Badalamenti, Stasia Ford, Matt Doyle, Chris Petrucci, Pat Terranova.

Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus, Dr. Norb Belzer, Joe Birster.

  • Dr. Cicala led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  • We introduced ourselves and we reviewed our charge statement and membership list.
  • We engaged in an extended discussion of issues pertaining to recycling and sustainability. Mr. Terranova presented some of the views and efforts of an emerging, informal coalition of students and student organizations, with emphasis on a potential initiative to promote less usage of bottled water in our community, for a variety of environmental and social justice reasons. Mr. Birster, Associate Director of Facilities Management, made a thorough presentation about FM’s waste management and recycling work, to date and to come, along with related sustainability and environmentally-centered activities. Prof. Belzer offered several suggestions for particular focus to both Mr. Terranova and Mr. Birster.
  • Ms. Ward-Gaus led us in the second of our ongoing series of discussions about/reviews of the various components of the University’s policies regarding alcohol and other drugs, in connection with this year’s biennial review of policies and services as required by the US Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. We reviewed the elements of the relevant federal legislation. Members made several suggestions for enhanced implementation of our internal procedures going forward, e.g., considering the explicit addition of alcohol and drugs policy information to our guidelines for advisors to registered student organizations. All expressed confidence in the consonance between the federal requirements and our overall alcohol and other drug policies and procedures.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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