Meeting Minutes – November 5, 2008

Members Present: Amber Mullen, Kyle Abbott, Meghan Gaffney, Lindsay Gaylord, Colleen Rabbitt

  • The team reviewed and approved the minutes from the last meeting.
  • Amber updated the team on DSA Leadership Team feedback regarding the Holiday Celebration. We have been approved to move forward with the late afternoon drinks and hors d’oeuvres event.
    • We are looking at holding the event on either Wednesday or Thursday. Meghan believed that Counseling and Health Services has their unit celebration one of those days, so we will be confirming that before selecting the actual date. UPDATE: HS/CC event is not that week. The DSA holiday event will take place on Thursday, December 18th.
    • Our preferred location is in Backstage. Amber will look to see if that space is open.
    • Lindsay will talk with catering and come up with a suggested menu to share with the group. We will focus on beer, wine, soft drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. We would like to ask staff to volunteer to bring along a dessert.
    • Kyle will work with Br. Bob to create a spiritual reflection piece. Kyle suggested a video slideshow/montage of staff, La Salle events, and world events to be played as part of a reflection prior to the celebration with some inspirations/reflective quotes, music, etc. The team liked this idea and Kyle will suggest it to UMAS.
    • During the event, we will have holiday music playing. If we do the reflection slideshow, we can run that throughout the event. If we go with a different reflective piece, we would still like to do a photo slideshow for an entertainment piece during the event.
    • We will also be having an initiative to focus on the Spirit of Giving. Meghan mentioned that she heard that toy drives and food drives are expected to be hurting for donations this year. Lindsay suggested doing a card writing program during the event and Colleen has a contact that might know of some individuals/groups in need. The team members will keep their ears open for opportunities and will report back suggestions prior to our next meeting.
  • The team discussed the creation of the newsletter.
    • We are aiming for the first edition of the 2008-2009 newsletter to be out on November 24th. Kyle has offered to do the layout and compiling the information. All info should be submitted to Kyle by November 20th to include it in the newsletter.
    • The newsletter will contain the following:
      • Information about the Holiday party
      • A poll for favorite holiday traditions and the DSA trivia quiz. Meghan and Lindsay will email a request to random DSA staff members for participation. Meghan will compile responses for the holiday traditions part and Lindsay will compile responses to the trivia part.
      • Colleen will submit an email to DSA to ask for announcements, a call for “pats on the back” and to ask for favorite holiday recipes. Lindsay will compile the announcements; Colleen will compile the pats on the back and the recipes.
      • Amber will write a short blurb about the Divisional Celebrations Team and what we are planning on doing this year.
      • Amber will contact Mindy Massaro and Kate Cook and ask them to submit something about International Education Week.
    • An idea to do a baby picture matching game was suggested; however we will hold that idea for a future newsletter.
  • Next scheduled meeting: Wednesday November 19, 2008 at 3:00pm.
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