Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2008

Present- Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte: Members: Mike Bachman, Katie Bogle, Kara Branz, Mary Dorr, Nikki Giannini, Susan Mudrick, Kathi McNichol, Julie Valenti
Absent- Jay Boney, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Fraser, Br. Edward Koronkiewicz

  • Assessment
    • Teri Ceraso and Lane Neubauer are collaborating on designing an assessment instrument to be given to all the FYO sections to gather data regarding the Explore U model and Learning Support services.
    • This instrument will be distributed in the FYO sections the last week of the semester.
  • Sophomore
    • It has been challenging to reengage the sophomores in the Explore U model.
    • The committee shared observations related to the lack of attention paid to sophomores and the importance of targeting retention efforts at this population. The team discussed the value of having programs or an office that would focus on the “sophomore year experience”.
    • In the School of Business, there are courses that all sophomores have to take which integrate career development tasks that are also part of the Explore U model into the curriculum. The Team tried to identify if there were courses in the School of Arts and Sciences that involve primarily sophomores where sophomores could be oriented to the Explore U sophomore career development tasks. English 150 or Lit 150 was suggested.
  • Experiential Learning – Junior year
    • Discussion centered on the Junior Year Explore U checklist, in particular the emphasis on experiential learning.
    • It was suggested that every academic department have an ‘experiential learning’ contact person. Career Services could work in partnership with these faculty members to help students set up experiential learning situations i.e. internships, research pursuits, coops, etc. Not only would this give a clear message to students regarding the value a Lasallian education puts on learning being practical and relevant, this type of partnership would support the academic departments in creating and finding experiential learning opportunities for students while the academic departments would make sure that academic requirements inherent in experiential learning are being met.
    • An idea that was suggested to prepare students to engage in experiential learning pursuits would be a ‘social’ event targeted towards sophomores and juniors where upper class students who have done internships, research, etc. could informally discuss their experiences.
  • Integrating Explore U into the Curriculum
    • There are misconceptions that Explore U is only for undecided A & S students. Therefore, efforts need to be made to increase awareness that Explore U is a 5 stage model corresponding with each academic year and beyond.
    • Encouraging the University professional staff and faculty to visit the Explore U website would facilitate better understanding within the La Salle University community of the goals and expectations of the Explore U model and thus be able to encourage student engagement in the model. The challenge is how to encourage Lasallian professional staff and faculty to visit the website.
      • Create attractive marketing materials to be distributed throughout the La Salle community.
      • Approach Jeannie Welsh about setting up a faculty development session on Explore U.
      • Try to get time at an A & S chairs meeting to brief the chairs about Explore U – demonstrate the website checklists.
      • Introduce Explore U to the Division of Student Affairs through a staff development workshop.
  • Anecdotal Feedback
    • Julie Valenti reported that she has observed that more ‘undecided’ sophomores this Fall semester have declared majors than in past years. These are the students who were in the Explore U pilot study last year.
      • The Explore U team will contact the Registrar’s office to see if they have data comparing the number of ULA sophomores who have declared their majors in the fall semester compared to ULA sophomores of past years.
    • The Career Services Staff report that more Freshmen and Sophomore have been making appointments to discuss choice of major and report that exposure to Explore U in their FYO classes motivated them to do take this step.
  • Upcoming Events: Majors and Minors Fair – Thursday February 19, 2008, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Next Meeting: December 11 3:00 p.m. in the Lawrence Conference Room.
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