Meeting Notes – November 17, 2008

In Attendance: Ryan Holmes, Marjorie Allen, Bonnie Zetick, Louise Giugliano, Bill Devito

Agenda Items:

Subgroup Updates

Reporting Group:

  • During the last Reporting Group meeting, it was decided that instead of the group documenting all neighborhood properties for potential trash and nuisance violations, the group should concentrate on student properties as a service to the neighborhood. If the group were to document non-student residents, it may seem as if the University is policing the neighborhood and may add strain to the relationship.
  • It has also been determined that, on Thursday mornings, a few members of the team will survey the adjacent neighborhood for trash.

Education Group:

  • The group has been continuing exploratory conversations as to what it means to have a mutual commitment to be good and supportive neighbors. During the course of these conversations, though it can be seen that individual entities (i.e. N2N, LGU, Br. Augustine) are doing good work, the ebb and flow of neighbor is of concern to the group’s mission and progress.

Discussion Item

It was mentioned that some were concerned with the lack of understanding between the functions of the CBT and William Penn group. Though faculty of the CBT are concerned with student behavior and see the relationship between the university and surrounding community as important, faculty also believe that student understanding can be strengthened if more information was given about how the university is changing and the University’s impact on the community. Since the CBT has already given a report to those working with William Penn (detailing programs and their purposes), it may be productive for another report to be given to the CBT to aid students in seeing how separate entities work together to make change.

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