Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co-Chairs Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members: Mike Gilbert, Matt Gionta, Meryle Gurmankin, Karen Kostelny, Katelyn Joyce, Jeff Lyons, Greg O’Shea, Cherylyn Rush
Absent: Stephen Andrilli, Arlene Dallery, Matt Pini

  • Moment of silence in memory of Stephen Andrilli’s father
  • Portal Update
    • Matt Gionta and Lane Neubauer have been trained to be portal administrators for the Wellness and Recreation channel on the Portal.
  • Weight Watchers
    • Twenty four individuals (including 7 students) have filled out WW interest forms but only 8 checks have been turned in.
    • A minimum of 20 participants are needed to be registered in order for WW to commit to bringing a WW chapter to campus.
    • Greg O’Shea reminded everyone that the University’s health plan will reimburse the registration fee when a staff member completes the program.
    • The projected start date (if enough participants sign up) would be February 9th although February 16th would work if an extra week is needed for sign ups.
    • Cherylyn Rush and/or Matt Gionta are the contact persons for sign ups and other details.
  • Health Fair ( March 19th 12:00 -2:00 p.m. Ballroom & Music Room)
    • Title will be “Yes we can… BE HEALTHY in ’09!”
    • Vendors are being lined up. Confirmations are beginning to come in.
    • Funding proposal was approved.
  • Smoking Issues
    • Questionnaire regarding attitudes towards smoking outside of buildings is ready to go live.
    • Greg O’Shea will look into getting the survey onto the portal. Depending on response, the committee will decide whether to set up tables in the food court for students, faculty and staff to fill out hard copies of the survey.
    • Possibility might be to set up a table at the health fair for individuals to fill out the questionnaires in that venue.
    • Goal would be to collect data and make recommendations by the end of the semester.
  • Allergy Policy Proposal – update
    • The Allergy Policy proposal that the HAC advanced (recommending that allergy injections no longer be given at the Student Health Center due to risk and cost factors) was presented to the Student Affairs Committee (SAC).
    • The SAC in general was supportive of the proposal to stop administering the injections in the Student Health Center but requested additional information before making a final decision to advance the proposal to University Council. Dina Oleksiak will be responding to SAC’s questions and Lane Neubauer will bring this information to the next SAC meeting.
  • Health Tip of the Month – February 2, 2009
    • The committee decided to focus this month’s “tip” on “disordered eating” in support of the program addressing this issue that will be taking place later this month (see VIII below).
    • SNAP (Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania) will work with HAC to create the text and poster which will then go on the portal and in Campus News.
  • “Disordered Eating” Panel Discussion – February 25th 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Music Room.
    • This program (“Diets Gone Wild: 3 Personal Journeys from Eating Hell to Health”) is co-sponsored by Counseling & Health Services, Nutrition, Athletics, Women’s Study Board, DPhiE & ATA sororities.
    • The panel will be moderated by a Nutrition Department faculty member; the panel participants all have connections to La Salle either as an alumni or graduate student or relative of a current La Salle student. Each participant has struggled to overcome a dysfunctional relationship with food (obesity, binge eating, anorexia) and will share their personal experiences.
  • Next HAC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 26 at 3:00. Location TBA

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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