Meeting Minutes – November 21, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co-Chairs Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members Steve Andrilli, Mike Gilbert, Matt Gionta, Meryle Gurmankin, Karen Kostelny, Katelyn Joyce, Jeff Lyons, Greg O’Shea, Matt Pini, Cherylyn Rush
Guests: Max Yamada, Elizabeth Smith
Absent: Arlene Dallery

  • Blood Drive Results
    • 370 individuals were signed up to donate blood at the Fall 2008 Blood Drive.
    • 264 Lasallians actually showed up.
    • 231 usable pints of blood were collected. This tied the Fall 2006 Blood Drive with the highest amount of pints collected at a La Salle Blood Drive.
  • Health Fair
    • The 2009 La Salle Health Fair is scheduled for Thursday March 19th from 12 – 2 in the Union Ballroom and Music Room.
    • The HAC was asked to think about possible names/ themes for this year’s Health Fair.
    • Committees are as follows:
      • Chairpersons and vendors: Lane B. Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak
      • Food: Jeff Lyons
      • Demonstrations: Matt Gionta
      • Decorations: Cherylyn Rush, Karen Kostelny, Matt Pini
      • Advertising: Greg O’Shea, Mike Gilbert, Katelyn Joyce
      • Funding Proposal: Katelyn Joyce, Matt Pini
      • Door Prizes: Meryl Gurmankin
      • Evaluations: Steve Andrilli
  • Allergy Proposal
    • The recommendation to stop administering allergy injections at the Student Health Center with the rationale for this change has been written up and presented to the Dean of Students.
    • The Dean of Students will place the proposal on the January Student Affairs Committee Agenda for discussion.
  • Smoking issues
    • Complaints continue to come to the Health Advisory Committee’s attention regarding smoking outside of buildings.
      • A member of Physical Facilities reported that students have been running the dryers without clothes in them in order to use the outside dryer vents for warmth while smoking.
      • A source reported to a HAC member that students have been observed smoking while walking across the stadium field and then dropping their cigarette butts on to the field.
    • The Health Advisory Committee strongly recommends that a policy that restricts smoking on campus grounds be implemented. Unresolved, however, is who would enforce policy and who makes and approves this designation.
      • The research that the HAC has done on other University’s smoking policies indicates that Safety and Security enforces the smoking policy on the public areas of campus and the “residence life” staff enforces it in the residence hall areas.
      • Proper signage is necessary for enforcement to be successful.
    • Ideally, the HAC recommends La Salle become a smoke free campus as more and more Universities seem to be going in that direction. However, realistically, it seems that an incremental plan to eliminate smoking on campus (similar to when La Salle eliminated smoking in campus buildings) would probably be more successful.
    • The HAC “smoking issues” sub-committee is working on a questionnaire to gather information from the La Salle community as to their opinions about issues related to smoking outside of campus buildings and on campus grounds.
      • A draft of potential questions was distributed to the HAC for feedback.
      • A decision needs to be made as to whether to distribute the survey on line (through the portal) or hard copy (HAC members would staff tables in food venues to distribute the surveys).
      • Time frame would be to do the survey early Spring 2008 semester.
      • Max Yamada has made contact with SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco), an offshoot of the Clean Air Council.
      • Students for Environmental Action have been invited to attend the sub-committee’s next meeting (Dec. 3).
    • The HAC “smoking issues” sub-committee will meet next week to finalize the survey questions as well as discuss additional steps necessary in furthering progress on this topic. They will report back to the full HAC at the December meeting.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 12th at 9 a.m. in the McShain Hall seminar room.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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