Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2008

Present- Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte: Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Phenix Fraser, Nikki Giannini, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti
Absent- Katie Bogle, Jay Boney, Mary Dorr, Br. Edward Koronkiewicz
Guests- Racquel James, Sara Reznor

  • Retention Data on 2007 to 2008 Undecided Liberal Arts students (ULAs) in the Explore U pilot study
    • Data was obtained from Mike Roszkowski in Institutional Research on retention rates for the ULAs who were in last year’s Explore U pilot study.
    • The attrition rate for this population was 19.1% compared with the overall freshmen retention rate of 20.6%.
    • The attrition rate for the ULA population for the past 4 years is as follows:
      Cohort ULA Overall
      2004 23.3% 16.4%
      2005 32.2% 17.7%
      2006 26.2% 16.7
      2007 19.1% 20.6
    • Although no definitive correlation statements can be made since the ULAs were grouped together in 2007 Explore U pilot and not randomly assigned to different models, this data does seem encouraging as to the benefits of the Explore U model.
    • Explore U assessment data currently is being collected and analyzed on all 2008 Freshmen.
  • Explore U – marketing
    • Three variations of an Explore U poster were presented to the team for feedback. The purpose of this poster is to inform students about the Explore U Web site and the students’ career development checklists. These will be distributed for posting after the break.
    • Career Services also will work on converting the poster theme to a postcard that will be sent to students in January.
    • Lou Lamorte has been in touch with Jeannie Welsh about participating in a panel discussion about experiential education. This will be an opportunity to market the Junior stage of the Explore U model which places an emphasis on experiential education.
    • It was suggested that Explore U be put on an Arts & Sciences Department Chairs meeting agenda. This was pursued but at the present time is not feasible due to other priorities already in place for these meetings this semester. However, other opportunities for exposing faculty to the Explore U model will be explored.
    • Another suggestion was to see if the Explore U logo and website address could be placed on La Salle’s computer lab computers as background.
    • Additional ways to market Explore U website include the following:
      • Classroom demonstrations.
      • Information for advisors so they can use the website with their advisees.
      • Meet with Admission counselors.
      • Computers set up at the Majors and Minors Fair (February 19th, 2008) for students to access their Explore U checklist.
  • Web site Development
    • A demonstration of the Explore U website revealed updates that have been made.
    • Each student is able to track his or her progress to show how far along she or he is in career development progress.
    • There are interactive questions and polls relating to careers that will be periodically updated to encourage students to continue to return to the website to track their progress.
  • First meeting for Spring 2009 is set for Monday, January 26 at 2:30. Location TBA.
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