Meeting Minutes – December 19, 2008

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Br. John Kane, Nicole Pellegrino, Anna Allen, Suzanne Boyll, Chris Kazmierczak, Nancy Jones, Ryan Holmes, Erin McHugh

Erin provided an Admissions update and also noted that Financial Services is working with students who experienced problems with their loans, etc., to get them re-enrolled for the spring semester.

Nicole will work with the EASE data to create reports of the information that we requested and bring them to our January meeting.

Carolyn will send an email to NSET members with the dates and time that new students choose to attend lunch, so that NSET members can sign up if they are available. The students will also be joined by a student leader and a member of Leadership Team.

We discussed some of the spaces used for Day ONE and potential changes.

  • Alan will work with Physical Facilities to try to get better temperature control in the theater and chapel.
  • Carolyn will speak to John Baky to gather feedback about the use of the library for one-on-ones and whether we will be able to use the library again this year.
  • We asked Nancy if the Dunleavy Room would be a better space than Union 301 for the Academic Life presentation for students. She believes that it would be a better space.
  • Having academic advising on the fourth floor of College Hall did not work well. Alan and Carolyn will check to see if there are any spaces on the third floor of the library that may work. The space must have access to Banner. Another suggestion was to move the afternoon breakout sessions to the first floor of Olney.
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