Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2009

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Br. John Kane, Nicole Pellegrino, Anna Allen, Suzanne Boyll, Chris Kazmierczak, Ryan Holmes, Fr. Jim Dever, Erin McHugh
Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus

So far, seven of the 36 new students responded that they would like to attend our welcome lunch.

John Baky was pleased with our use of the library for Day ONE-on-Ones last year and welcomes us to use the space again this year. Carolyn took a look at the third floor of the library and believes the spaces might work well for the academic advising sessions. Carolyn will ask Br. Ed Koronkiewicz and Nancy Jones for their opinion on the space.

We discussed the host video which is shown at the beginning of the Day ONE sessions. For the past several years, we have videotaped the hosts at various landmarks in the city. Alan asked if we should continue with this tradition or make changes. Some suggestions were:

  • Include campus sites with city sites
  • Include a clip of students at a game in the Gola arena
  • Include clip of various events on campus, e.g. Commencement
  • Br. John will check to see if the videos that are currently taken at the basketball games could be incorporated into the video

We currently have approximately 50 Day ONE staff shirts in stock. We discussed whether it is necessary for all staff and the hosts to wear the same shirt. Some comments were:

  • Hosts should definitely wear the same shirts
  • The shirts enable people to easily identify those affiliated with the Day ONE program
  • Only distribute shirts to new staff/hosts. Everyone else could wear shirts from previous years.
  • Establish dress code for staff as business casual, i.e., collared shirt, no jeans
  • Create larger name tags with Day ONE logo if we do not wear the Day ONE shirts

Day ONE host applications will become available in the portal on Monday, January 26. Completed applications and recommendations are due Friday, February 13. Interviews will be conducted beginning February 18 through March 6, with a selection meeting on Tuesday, March 10 at 2:00 p.m. All members of the NSET are invited to participate in the interview and selection process. In an effort attract a larger pool of qualified applicants than in the past few years, it was suggested that we put a notice in the portal to faculty and staff asking them to encourage students whom they feel would be good candidates. A former host had suggested that we have a table in the Union lobby staffed by former hosts to answer questions and talk about their experiences to students who may be interested in the position.

Ryan will work with Dr. Chip Gallagher to update the Identity Please session.

Anna suggested that the Weaving Your Web session be updated to include information about online communities and the implications of students’ actions/behavior which are posted on those sites.

Carolyn will bring copies of the Day ONE schedule to the next meeting for our review.

Erin noted that the numbers of applicants and admits still reflect an increase from this time last year. They are placing a strong focus on financial aid. While previous campaigns promoted the benefits of living on campus, this year they are also focusing on attracting commuter students who may not be able to afford to live on campus. Students are being accepted earlier into the AEP program rather than making them wait, as was done in the past. The hope is to get more resources for the AEP program.

Blue & Gold days will be held on April 4 and 18. These days are marketed to accepted students, but other interested students are welcome to attend. They plan once again to have trolleys to take students and families for a tour around the city. The Admissions Office is also looking to have a financial aid expert present.

Nicole distributed the EASE data that we requested. We will review the results and discuss them at the next meeting.

Kate Ward-Gaus noted that La Salle has been approved to be included in a two year national research project entitled She asked us to review the information that she gave us and to think about the following questions. She will attend our next meeting for further discussion.

  • How do we get the students to complete the project?
  • Should we offer incentives, and if so, what could they be?
  • Should we promote the project at Blue & Gold days and/or Day ONE?
    • Erin noted that Kate would be welcome to have information at Blue & Gold days and that she should speak to Michele Martin regarding a table. Anna felt that the DSA tables could be reorganized to include the information.
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