Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2009

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Lane Neubauer, Steve Kopec, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Dr. Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Vanessa Badalamenti, Pat Terranova.

Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus.

  • Dr. Cicala led a moment of prayer and reflection, with particular focus on the Drexel University, Virginia Tech, and Art Institute of Pennsylvania communities, all of which have experienced fatal tragedies during the past week. They are and will remain in our prayers.
  • We approved the minutes of our October 28, 2008 meeting.
  • We reviewed a proposal from Senior Associate Dean of Students Alan Wendell to revise the portions of the student disciplinary records policy published in the Student Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities to extend the number of years for which we retain records in cases other than suspension or dismissal from five to seven and to add language that will allow the disposal of records at that point for students who have simply not been enrolled, in addition to those who have graduated or formally withdrawn. All understood the need to permanently retain the records of dismissed students, and all are in favor of the proposed revisions. A question was raised about the reasoning behind the current policy’s provision for the retaining of records of suspended students for ten years; that point will be clarified before further action on this proposal is taken. We briefly discussed FERPA privacy rights and related University procedures with respect to disciplinary records, as well.
  • We reviewed a proposal from the Student Press Committee to modify its charge and change its name to the Student Media Committee. Approval for the proposal was expressed, and it will be forwarded for review by University Council and the Council’s advice to the President.
  • We reviewed a proposal from the Student Health Center to cease the practice of administering allergy injections at the Center, given concerns about and emerging national standards for the types of medical supervision and procedures that need to be in place for the administration of such injections in comparison and contrast with our current staffing and other resources, and to begin the routine referral of students to the Albert Einstein Medical Center’s (AEMC) Allergy Clinic. Committee members expressed tentative support of the proposal and await the answers to several questions, centering on whether or not (or the degree to which) the student health insurance plan with which La Salle affiliates will cover the costs at the clinic and/or whether or not our Student Health Center staff can work out a suitable arrangement for student injection fees at the clinic; whether or not any of our published fees or statements with respect to the health services the University provides currently promise or imply this service and, if so, what alternative language would be proposed; and identification of the specific location of the clinic at AEMC, so that the proximity to one or more of the University’s shuttle stops might be fully understood. Dr. Neubauer will gather this information for presentation and discussion at our next meeting.
  • Dr. Cicala referred his fellow committee members to today’s announcement by the Provost of the appointment of Anna Allen as Interim Dean of Students, following Dr. Cicala’s February 18 departure to assume the position of Vice President for University Life at Alvernia University, and thanked his fellow members for their service this year and always.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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