Meeting Minutes – January 30, 2009

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Br. John Kane, Nicole Pellegrino, Anna Allen, Suzanne Boyll, Chris Kazmierczak, Ryan Holmes, Fr. Jim Dever, Erin McHugh, Nancy Jones, Phenix Frazier, Kyle Abbott

Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus

Kate Ward-Gaus joined the meeting to continue our discussion on the research project.

  • Kate is looking for suggestions as to how we can implement the survey.
  • Kate also forwarded the information that she gave to us to other administrators in various departments regarding implementation but has not received any feedback.
  • The survey takes approximately two to three hours to complete. The first section takes approximately one and one half to two hours. The second section, which is to be completed one month later, takes approximately one hour.
  • It is believed that the optimal timeframe for completing the survey is within one month prior to the students’ arrival on campus.
    • This could be a problem for some of our students who do not have access to computers at home.
  • The average completion rate reported by institutions who have administered the survey is 94%.
  • Institutions who have been administering the survey have not necessarily seen a decrease in alcohol use. Some campuses have noted that the students seem to be using safer strategies when consuming alcohol. Kate did some research on incentives and disincentives used by other institutions.
    • Some institutions require the first part of the survey be completed prior to the start of classes.
    • Very few institutions tie the survey to an academic course.
    • Some institutions place holds on the records of students who do not comply.
      • This may not be an option for La Salle, as we already struggle with the number of students who are unable to register for spring classes due to financial and medical holds.
  • Some suggestions for implementation at La Salle were:
    • Students who complete the survey within the allotted time would be eligible to win one of two $500 gift cards to the bookstore.
    • Have the students submit the certification they receive upon completion of the survey to their FYO instructor to be included as part of their FYO grade.
      • Kate and Nancy with schedule a meeting with Margot Soven to discuss the possibility of linking completion of the survey to the students’ FYO grade.
    • Do not place holds on accounts of students who do not complete the survey this year. Evaluate the response rate after the first administration of the survey and then determine if we should place holds the next year.
    • Have freshman advisors collect the certificates.
      • The drawback to this suggestion is that advisors do not see their advisees on a regular basis like the FYO instructors see their students.

We reviewed the results of the cross tabulation of the EASE data that Nicole prepared for us.

  • A large percentage of those who responded reported that they did attend the required Saturday sessions on Opening Weekend.
  • 76% of the students who reported not attending any of the Opening Weekend sessions are not involved in any student organizations/clubs.
  • We need to take into consideration the fact that the EASE survey was administered six weeks after the start of the semester. When members of the Learning La Salle Team reached out to students who responded that they felt like they did not belong at La Salle, many students indicated that they were fine and had actually forgotten that they had responded that way.
  • More data has been added recently, including GPA, disciplinary history, and whether the students returned for the spring semester. We should be able to review those results soon.
  • Nicole will also run the same cross tabs for the 2007 and possibly the 2006 survey so that we can compare the results.

Alan is scheduled to meet with Preston Feden to discuss ways to get students more involved in the city. Alan will share with us at the next meeting what they discussed, and he will invite Preston to attend an NSET meeting.

The next meeting of the NSET will be held on Friday, February 13, at 9:00 a.m. in Union 308.

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