Meeting Minutes – February 2, 2009

Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Suzanne Lipouski, Kelly Zavertinick, Amber Mullen, Raymond Kirsch, Abby Hamilton, Rob Donohue, John Michel
Absent: Matt Kelly, Jamie Esbensen, John Williamson, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan
Guest: Michael Nielsen

  • The notes from the January 26th Meeting were presented and accepted.
  • Jeff reported that it is not possible to make the changes requested /suggested at the January 26th meeting. The quality points concept cannot be achieved with information easily accessible in Banner at this time. We will need to begin discussing changes for the process in 2010.
  • We discussed the timeframe proposed for the 2009 Housing Selection Process. Is a 30 hour window large enough for students who will not get a townhouse to regroup for the apartment process? The board affirmed that the timeframe proposed was enough.
  • Alan initiated a conversation on the goals that board members perceive should be the priority in any future changes to the Housing Selection Process. The following ideas were thrown out for further discussion:
    • Streamlining the process for easier management and simplified understanding for students would be great.
    • We need to project how we believe changes may affect who is living where (e.g Would additional emphasis on grade point average have the unintentional outcome of creating a ghetto of less motivated students?)
  • The next meeting will be Monday, February 9, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. and we will resume bi-weekly meetings at that time.
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