Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2009

Present: Lou Lamorte (Co-Chair), Kate Cook, Penny Grob, Jim Gulick, Meryl Gurmankin, Margaret Lowenthal, Peg McCoey, Marc Moreau, Jim Rook, Liz Scofield

Absent: Teri Ceraso

Excused: Lane B. Neubauer (Co-Chair)

  • The following Spring events hosted or co-sponsored by Career Services were announced and discussed:
    • Business Network Night (Feb 11)
    • Majors & Minors Fair (Feb 19)
    • Teacher Job Fair (Feb 25)
    • Nonprofit Career Fair (Mar 26)
    • MBA Talent Finder
      • Cancelled due to lack of sufficient employer interest. Employers who could not attend cited lack of funding to participate and/or reduced hiring needs or a freeze on hiring.
      • The Consortium schools are currently working on a ‘virtual’ or e-fair event as a significantly reduced cost that will be held later in the Spring semester. A mid-March – mid-April timeframe is being considered.
      • It was suggested that flyers be placed at both the Bucks and Plymouth Meeting campuses and possibly an insert be provided for graduate registration mailing to promote the e-fair. Once the event details are finalized, email will be sent to all current MBA, grad CIS students & recent graduates, as well as faculty.
  • Faculty Workshop on Experiential Education – April 23
    • Lou Lamorte will participate on a panel of faculty and staff who will be discussing the value of learning outside the classroom through experiential education programs such as internships, co-ops, summer jobs, community service learning, and faculty/academic research.
  • Alumni Mentoring on eXplorenet
    • Lou Lamorte demonstrated the updated mentoring module available through the eXplorenet system. The new features allow alumni to 1) track and communicate with students (and other alumni) who have identified the alumnus/a as a potential mentor, 2) search for jobs and/or employers, and 3)post openings from their employer.
    • Career Services will be emailing current mentors to announce the new mentoring site and request they update their profile in eXplorenet.
    • Jim Gulick asked that the link be sent to Jay Boney who will announce the site to all alumni through the Alumni Newsletter. Jay will also be sharing feedback on the site from members of the Alumni Association with Mike Bachman.
  • Explore U Update
    • The interactive Explore U website was demonstrated and should be live within the week. Once the site is live, all sophomores in the pilot group as well as all freshmen will receive an email encouraging them to visit and review their personalized checklist.
    • Feedback from the committee included suggestions to clarify the purpose of the waves & barometer on the Explore U website as a way to track the student’s progress and to provide a summary of each student’s progress via follow up emails at the end of each year or semester. It was also suggested that the portfolio gifts that were purchased for the “pilot sophomores” could be used as an incentive for students to visit the site (i.e. Free gift for the first 100 to reply or login).
    • Career Services will be monitoring the use of the site and conducting student surveys to solicit feedback for those students using the site.
    • Lou distributed a small poster that will be sent to all academic departments for posting in their departmental office as a reminder of the Explore U program and site.
  • Additional discussion
    • Several committee members commented that the Career Services web pages are difficult to find on the La Salle website. It was recommended that a link from the La Salle homepage be more prominent and that Career Services be more visible on the “Information for Students” page. For the latter, it was suggested that the DSA Unit list also include the office under each unit or that the list of offices automatically appear as the cursor rolls over the unit link. Lou agreed with the suggestions and will speak with Mike Nielsen (DSA IT coordinator) about these options.
  • Next CSAC meeting to be held in March (exact date TBD).

Respectfully submitted by Louis A. Lamorte, Jr.

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