Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2009

Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Suzanne Lipouski, Kelly Zavertinick, Amber Mullen, Raymond Kirsch, Abby Hamilton, Rob Donohue
Absent: Matt Kelly, Jamie Esbensen, John Williamson, Mary Elizabeth Sullivan, John Michel
Guest: Michael Nielsen

  • The Housing Selection process for Fall 2009 is underway. Deposits are due 3-6-09. We discussed the dialogues that take place to push information out to RAs so they may assist/mentor students through the process. There are around 1000 students eligible for housing that currently have financial holds for owing more than $500. Staff are reaching out and encouraging students to work on those financial situations early so they may still participate in the Housing Selection process.
  • We discussed the Residential Learning Community in St. Katharine Hall. Approximately 20 of the 24 freshman currently living in the community have shown interest in returning to lead the community next year. Once they have finalized their commitments, they will be assigned to quads in St. Katharine adjacent to doubles that will be assigned to incoming freshman interested in the RLC.
  • RA/CA selection for Fall 2009 is complete and letters are being picked up today. 36 returning staff and over 90 new perspective staff members competed for the 60 positions.
  • Jeff discussed the transition of the Sts. Edward and Francis Security Reception Desk staffing from University employees to Allied Barton staff (Allied Barton currently staffs the North Halls desk, Hayman Center and South Campus). Over three positions are already vacant with the University SDR staff and this is intended to fill those vacancies.
  • Jeff began a discussion on the projected impact of proposed changes to the Housing Selection process for 2010. Mike N. distributed a number of charts that describe where students of various class status reside and other data points. In general, when the current housing selection point system is compared to one solely based on GPA and credit hours eared there appears to be little difference in the outcome of the process.
  • The next CDAB meeting is Monday, March 16th at 1:00 p.m. in Union 310.
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