Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2009

Present: Anna Allen (Chair), Dr. Lane Neubauer, Steve Kopec, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Dr. LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Mike Nielsen, Dr. Hsiao-Ping Biehl, Vanessa Badalamenti, Pat Terranova, Kathryn Feld.

Absent: Stasia Ford

Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus.

  • Ms. Allen led a moment of prayer and reflection.
  • We approved the minutes of our January 27, 2009 meeting, without additions or amendments.
  • We revisited a proposal from the Student Health Center to cease the practice of administering allergy injections at the Center, given concerns about and emerging national standards for the types of medical supervision and procedures that need to be in place for the administration of such injections in comparison and contrast with our current staffing and other resources, and to begin the routine referral of students to the Albert Einstein Medical Center’s (AEMC) Allergy Clinic. Dr. Lane Neubauer gave an update of details on the proposal, specifically with answers to questions raised during the Committee’s last meeting. Dr. Neubauer noted that the co-pay (under La Salle’s Student Health Insurance) would be $5.00. Further, it was noted that Einstein could not assume the cost of the co-pays. In terms of a change in language in all university publications relating to this matter, there was discussion that clarifying language would be necessary to let the university community know of the changes. The policy change would not take effect until Fall 2009. Einstein’s Allergy Clinic is located in the Levy Building at Broad and Olney, in close proximity to the La Salle Shuttle stop. Currently, Einstein is willing to accommodate an arrangement if necessary. There were several questions relating to the proposal by committee members, specifically whether additional outreach to new university students would need to be made to spread information about the program changes and whether student health records would need to be maintained regarding visits to Einstein’s allergy clinic. With regards to the first issue of information, the clarifying language would need to be issued so that all university students are aware of the changes, and regarding student records, the Student Health Center would only need to get involved as much as each student would need it to become involved.A vote was called for by Anna Allen to approve the allergy policy: 9 votes in favor (unanimous)
  • We discussed the Student Press Committee Mission and Charge Revision (Draft of 9/26/08). Several issues were raised by Committee members, particularly how emerging media and new technologies are impacted by such policies. Web-based programs/publications were cited as examples of how students and student organizations are increasingly communicating with each other. Committee members raised the issue of what “oversight” meant (‘guidance’ vs. ‘control’). It was noted that student organization publications are not the official voice of the University, and that a clear distinction should be made. Possibly moving Student Press to Student Media could bring all student publications together, given that some organizations have more than one publication.One committee member asked if it would be helpful for someone to be in advisory capacity to support these efforts. It was noted that University Communications already meets regularly with student organizations who wish to publish material. One notion was that someone in an advisory capacity could raise issues with the Dean of Students (issues related to technology within the Division of Student Affairs and the university). In addition, other offices on campus could be consulted to assist with advising student groups.

    Ms. Allen noted that the Student Press Committee has in the past responded when something negative has happened. The Student Press Committee has moved away from only this role to also one of support. With respect to any changes in policies, these would be made in the Student Guide to Rights and Responsibilities and communicated to students and their groups.

    A request for previous versions of the Student Press Cmte. charges was made by the Student Affairs Committee for historical context and for further review.

    A request for further Committee business was requested by the Chair. There was no further business and the meeting adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Stephen Kopec

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