Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2009

Members Present:  Erin Carroll, Jordan Copeland, Chip Gallagher, Louise Giugliano, Lisa Jarvinen, Morgan Kamerdze, Br. Bob Kinzler, Matt Levit, Mike Nielsen,  Royer Smith

Welcome to New Members:  Erin Carroll, Andrea Di Maio and Morgan Kamerdze.


Think outside the box. What are your new ideas for the Project?

  • Tag line: Supporting You in Seeking a Positive Future. // there seemed to be interest in this idea.   Is that true?  Should we use it in our notices?
  • Sponsor a bus to the Green Festival in Washington, DC Oct. 10-11 // Matt will discuss this with SEA and go to Funding Board to get funding for this.  I have sent you a link.
  • Concert – //Jordan might have some contacts for this.
  • Public space – outdoor chess, artists, connectivity// louise will send more info on this.
  • Sponsor trip to local co-ops // urban farming, Weaver’s Way.  Royer and Mike will look into this?
  • Spring farmer’s Market//  this evolved into a farm on campus. Louise and Br. Bob will talk to Joe Willard.  Possibilities mentioned were that the neighbors could be involved , Biology Dept., the summer employees, and that land exists on West Campus.  Jordan has a friend in Seattle who is a good source of info.

Programs we like?

  • Dinner / Dialogues –// Innocence Project at Temple.  Lisa will contact her.  Other parties:  Dr. Dillon and Pre-Law Society, Forensics Minor, Alum Attorneys, S,SW & CJ Dept.
  • Dinner / Dialogues // Art and Justice. Louise will call Lily Yeh.  Jordan will share article from Inquirer and contact Dave McShane.
  • Café Conversations – should we continue? // get on spring calendar. Need a topic.
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Film Chatter // (temporary/tentative name.) To Kill a Mockingbird in Holroyd lobby.  Chip will also ask his “contact” at Scribe Video about what is coming.
  • Film Chatter // Documentary with film makers.  Jordan
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