Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2009

Present:  Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members: Steve Andrilli, Mark Badstubner, Jim Behr, Br. John Crawford,  Matt Gionta, Karen Kostelny, Jeff Lyons, Vanessa Ocasio, Greg O’Shea, Mary Wilby

Guests:  Megan Rossi, Elizabeth Smith

  • Introductions/ Welcome to new members and to guests.
  • Health Advisory Committee’s 2008-09 achievements were reviewed.
    • Smoking Issues and Proposal
      • Survey was conducted last year with over 1200 responses indicating strong support for limiting where smoking is permitted on campus.
      • A proposal based on the survey results was written with recommendations for limiting smoking to certain areas and was presented to the President’s Team this past summer.  There was general support for the proposal’s recommendations; the Health Advisory Committee was asked to address some further issues in 2009 -10 before a policy decision is made (i.e. signage,  enforcement, etc.) (see “V. Smoking Issues” below).
    • Relevant health issues and updates were communicated to the La Salle community.
      • Health Tip of the Month was published monthly.
      • Portal announcements about salient health issues were posted when needed.
    • Fitness and Nutrition, as part of Healthy Objective 2010 (a national initiative) was promoted by the HAC.
      • A Weight Watchers group was attempted but unfortunately, not enough participants signed up.
      • Walk at Work event was sponsored by the HAC.
      • HAC helped co-sponsor program addressing eating issues.
    • Two successful Blood Drives and a Platelet Collection Drive were completed
    • The annual HAC Health Fair was a success.
    • A Wellness and Recreation channel was created on the Portal.
    • The Bed Bug Policy was approved.
    • Change in Allergy Policy regarding the Student Health Center was approved.
  • Goals for 2009-10
    • Gain approval for Smoking Policy recommendations which address issues relevant to second hand smoke.
    • Address salient public health issues impacting the La Salle University community.
    • Plan successful Blood Drives (Fall & Spring).
    • Plan successful Health Fair.
    • Continue publishing the Health Tip of the Month.
    • Utilize the Portal Wellness and Recreation channel for disseminating relevant health information.
    • Continue to address Healthy Objectives 2010 related to fitness and nutrition.
  • Health Tip of the Month
    • The HAC will continue to work with SNAP to publish a Health Tip of the Month.
    • In support of the committee’s efforts to address second hand smoke on campus, the first Health Tip will address this topic.
  • Smoking Issues
    • The committee identified the area outside of the Science Building and the Benilde Bridge and Atrium as places to begin making changes regarding smoking as these are new areas and patterns have not yet been entrenched.
      • It was suggested that areas be designated where smoking is permitted rather than stating where smoking is prohibited.
      • It was suggested that the ashtray on the Atrium be moved to the bottom of the foot bridge.
      • The sidewalk across from the Science building at the end of Olney was identified as an area where smoking could be permitted since it is not a walk way or near a building entrance. In this way, second hand smoke could be avoided.
    • It was brought to the committee’s attention that Food Services recently directed their staff members to restrict smoking to the loading docks behind the Food Service venues.  This was in response to the Food Services administrators believing that negative perceptions of Food Services were being created by their employees smoking in public places.  There has been no resistance from the Food Services staff since initiating this policy.
    • The Health Advisory Committee recommends that until new policies can be put into place, Food Services can be a model for other departments to address the issue of smoking in places that impact the health of others and/or create negative images for the University.
  • Next Meeting scheduled for October 28th,2009 – 9 a.m. McShain Hall Seminar Room.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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