Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2009

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Suzanne Lipovsky, Kelly Zavertnik , Abby Hamilton, Rob Donohue, Michael McInneshin, Annmarie Biancamano, Margaret-Ann Krieger

Absent: Colleen Friel, Bill Atkinson, Jamie Esbensen, John Williamson, Amber Mullen, Reggie Gauss,

1.      We discussed the 3:30 p.m. time on Monday as a meeting time for the Fall Semester.  John Williamson is unavailable at that time, but no other time during the week was identified when everyone is available.  We agreed to keep this time during the Fall and Alan will ask Food Service to consider other potential representatives to fill in for the two remaining meetings this Fall.

2.      We discussed actions of the group from last year.  Jeff and Alan will check on the status of the proposal to add items to the “Prohibited Items List” and the proposal to prohibit minors from possessing empty alcohol containers in the residential facilities.  The proposal was given to the Student Affairs Committee last year.

3.      Jeff introduced a proposal to conduct the Housing Selection process for 2010-2011 after the returning student course registration process for Fall, 2010.  We discussed other details of the process that are being proposed for change:

a.       Eliminating the contract cancelation date of May 31st since the Housing Selection process is later in the semester and hold students responsible for the contracts from the point where they reserve a specific space.

b.      Review the Housing Selection process for Fall Study Abroad students.  Potentially provide guaranteed housing when they return in the Spring and priority for premium spaces, but not allow them to reserve spaces with students who will reside on campus during the Fall.

c.       Eliminating the deadline for housing applications.

4.      We discussed residential learning communities and how we might foster development of additional RLCs.  Some interest has been identified to develop a Philly-Experience RLC that would be connected to the Philadelphia Center and led by Dr. Heather McGee (Philadelphia Center Community Coordinator).  We asked everyone present to consider other options that might be found attractive and the following ideas were brought forward:

a.       Wellness/Healthy Life-styles

b.      Active Lifestyle/Recreation

5.      We discussed the perception of students that campus increasingly appears to “shut down” at nights and on weekends.  The perception is mostly based on the decrease of service hours of Food Service venues in the Union.  Alan will invite Bob Nyce to one of our next two meetings to discuss the perception and options moving forward.

6.      Students brought forward their concern about smoking at various locations outside of entrances to residential facilities.  Because of the building and complex designs, there are few options that preserve clean air options for non-smokers and reasonable smoking options for smokers.  The Health Services Advisory Board has proposed changes and we will ask a representative to share that with CDAB in the next few meetings.

7.      The next meeting will be Monday, November 9, 2009, at 3:30 p.m. in Union 308.

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