Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2009

Present: Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer & Dina Oleksiak; Members: Steve Andrilli, Mark Badstubner, Jim Behr, Br. John Crawford, Matt Gionta, Karen Kostelny, Vanessa Ocasio, Mary Wilby

Absent: Jeff Lyons, Greg O’Shea

I. Blood Drive – November 10 and 11

a. Recruiting for potential donors will start the week of Nov. 3rd. There will be 26 recruitment shifts. The following student organizations have volunteered to staff the recruiting tables: Phi Beta Sigma, ATA, FIJI, Gamma Sig, DPhiE, Gamma Phi, AST, AXP, Peer Educators, SGA, RSA, AASL & SNAP. In addition, the Health Advisory Committee will staff a recruiting table outside the Faculty Dining Room.

b. Alpha Epsilon Delta honor society will provide student volunteers for the afternoon shifts at the Blood Drive. ARC will provide their own volunteers for the morning shift.

II. Health Tip of the Month – November

a. The November health tip will center on campus health resources.

b. SNAP will be approached again to partner with HAC in producing the poster for November’s health tip.

III. Progress on addressing Smoking on La Salle’s campus

a. Food Services has identified designated smoking areas where Food Services workers are permitted to smoke thus limiting where smoking is permitted.

b. Security and Safety sent out a policy notification to its officers that smoking is prohibited in any university owned vehicle and buildings. They are currently working on identifying specific ‘designating smoking areas’ that would be 20 feet away from buildings to limit second hand smoke in public areas.

c. Athletics has come up with its own smoking policy for its facilities.

i. All outdoor (i.e. DeVincent, McCarthey, West Campus Softball) and indoor facilities are smoke free.

1. Currently, smokers must go outside of the stadium to smoke.

ii. Limited areas outside of Hayman are being designated where smoking will be permitted.

1. Outside west entrance of building (employee entrance).

2. Set-back from entrance way, towards steps on side of building.

3. Currently there are ashtrays in these locations.

iii. Additional actions that Athletics is taking are the following.

1. Creating signage to direct smokers to the designated smoking areas (signs will be placed in the Gola lobby, stairwells, mezzanine and third floor) and signs placed that identify the designated smoking areas.

2. Staff ONE (Athletics’ security staff) will be instructed to enforce smoking policy at events.

3. La Salle staff will help enforce during non-event times.

d. It was suggested that the Health Advisory committee members who represent organizations and departments elicit the smokers in their organizations’ help in identifying appropriate ‘designated smoking areas’ keeping in mind that these need to be 25 feet from buildings; Mark Badstubner will approach RSA, Vanessa Ocassio will approach SGA and Jim Behr will talk with Physical Facilities.

e. The American College Health Associations recent ‘Position Statement on Tobacco on College and University Campuses’ was reviewed to identify what areas to focus on to move this issue further. It should be noted that ACHA’s position is for all campuses to become smoke-free. However, the HAC is looking to identify designated smoking areas to limit the negative impact of second hand smoke but to allow smokers some options on campus if they choose to smoke.

i. More options for smokers who would like to quit need to be available (i.e. smoking cessation groups).

ii. Health Advisory Committee will try to identify ways to increase these options.

IV. Swine Flu Update

a. There are currently 19 active probable cases of Swine Flu at La Salle bringing the total number of cases to date to 109.

b. A self reporting form is available on the portal which triggers notification to Administrative Services (for arrange for room cleaning) and Assistant Deans (for notifying faculty members).

c. The H1N1 vaccination still has not been delivered; as a result, the first round of potential dates reserved to offer this to the La Salle community had to be cancelled. Since no word has been received as to when delivery will arrive, no information can be given to the La Salle community about when this will occur.

d. The Swine Flu committee continues to meet weekly.

V. Healthy Objectives 2010 – Fitness and Nutrition

a. The Health Advisory Committee will continue to focus on these health issues.

b. Potential partners on these issues include LEAN (Nutrition Department), Fresh Grocer, Campus Recreation and Food Services.

c. Planning has already begun for a program addressing ‘healthy eating vs. disordered eating’ to occur in the Spring in support of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

VI. Health Fair – April 22nd

a. The HAC will begin to plan for this at next meeting.

b. Committee members were encouraged to think of creative names and new focuses for this year’s Health Fair.

VII. Next Meeting scheduled for December 2, 2009 – 9 a.m. McShain Hall Seminar Room.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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