Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2010

Present: Stacia Ford, Ryan Yarcia, Nikki Giannini, Sara Reznor, Dawn Wanner, Noel Koenke, Christina Moran, Julie Pompizzi, Chris Kazmierczak (chairperson)

Guests: Bethany Stanbrough (Annual Fund) and Megan Fleck (Career Services)

Not Present: Kerrin Brown, Andrea Okagawa

  1. Programming 2009-2010
    • Chris Kazmierczak and Nikki Giannini are meeting with Paul Brazina about a presentation for seniors about financial issues.  Chris reserved the Holroyd Atrium for February 16 and will suggest to Paul and Nikki that date for the presentation.  If the February 16 date isn’t feasible for Paul or Nikki we will find another date.  We will use the February 16 date for a game titled “Job-er-dy” hosted by Lou Lamorte.
    • The Senior Night Basketball Game is March 3, 2010.  Nikki Giannini noted that Career Services will be working with Athletics on a possible Graduate School fair.  Noel Koenke is going to ask Regina Gauss Kosiek if that date will work for a Community Service component to the evening.
    • Noel Koenke and Dawn Wanner will work together on planning a Happening Hour for March.
    • Holly Johnston told Chris Kazmierczak that her staff is still working on a date for their presentation with Marianne Gauss.
    • Chris Kazmierczak will be meeting with two RA’s from the TCLAM staff about a possible wine tasting.  The CY Team approved Chris to offer some financial assistance with the program.
    • Stacia Ford will contact the Phillies, Hershey Park, Lucky Strikes, and Finnegan’s Wake about prices for events.  Stacia will contact Dr. Moore to ask permission for a program at Finnegan’s.
    • Julie Pompizzi stated one of the Spring Fling programs will be a Phillies Game and offered an opportunity for Late Night La Salle and the Commencement Year Team to collaborate on that program.
    • Sara Reznor will contact Dorney Park about prices for a possible program.
    • Stacia Ford and Chris Kazmierczak will meet to discuss prices and funding options for programs.
    • There was a discussion about having raffles at the various programs such as gift baskets with items pertaining to financial responsibility, a lap top, and/or gift certificates at various stores.
    • Bethany Stanbrough from the Annual Fund attended the meeting and inquired about possible student members to a new committee for the Senior Gift.
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